Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Meeting our future Prom date?

All dressed up and ready to go: Miss Keifer had a busy day today. We traveled to my friend Allison's house (who was 1/2 half of the pair that gave me one of my baby showers) to visit her son Jackson, and newborn (2 weeks old!) Christian! Then, we met Daddy for lunch with his co-workers, traveled back to Daddy's work and hung out for awhile so Daddy could show his new pretty Princess off. Keifer enjoyed the visits so much she slept right through them all, and then let Daddy feed her after our lunch.

All dressed up (minus the hat) - the shoes even have flowers on them!

Keifer and her new boyfriends: Christian & Jackson

Jackson kisses his new baby friend, Keifer - a bit perplexed to now have 2 babies at his house! Jackson found HIS baby Brother, Christian: 2 weeks old TODAY!
Christian & Keifer : 2 weeks apart in age - looks like my girl is gonna be a BAB: (BIG ASS BABY! YIKES)Don't cry, Christian: you'll pass her up in time for your Prom!

Keifer enjoying (*or NOT? I think NOT*) her first bath in the tub - before all we did were sponge baths - which really, this is basically, but now she can get wet since she lost her belly button "guck" last week.
Click HERE to enjoy! And the other video clip is her pooping - LOL - so fun to enjoy at THIS age - but give it a few years and it won't be so funny anymore! HA!
Here she is AFTER her bath- much calmer and happy (and warm!)

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Piccinigirl said...

oh those pics are priceless!!! My god Carrie, Keifer is just beautiful.


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