Sunday, May 06, 2007

So happy together!

We had another busy, busy weekend! CJ's parents were here to visit, and stayed here with us. We had a wonderful visit and Nana Marge could barely contain her excitement at being with her latest grandchild! She was up at the crack of dawn the past 2 days, waiting on Keifer to wake up so she could spend time with her! CJ and I appreciated that, as we were able to sleep in - a long lost treasure!
CJ's brother and his family - Corey, Jill and cousins Abby and Mason, came to visit,then we ALL packed up our cars and headed to the mall. We enjoyed a lunch in the food court, then split up for shopping. CJ was a proud peacock pushing his stroller around with his pretty girl in there. Before we left to go home, we had a fun adventure with Miss K. She had a clearly poopy diaper, so in the midst of changing her on a bench before we left, she also managed to pee and spit up at the same exact time while she had her diaper off. It was hilarious - but Papa stayed far away as he doesn't "do" diapers! LOL.

Daddy loves the new Ergo carrier - and so does Keifer ("zzz")
Nana is so happy to see Keifer again
Auntie Jill had a hard time sharing her with Abby...
....but she did, and we got our first "cousins" picture together!
Keifer gets VERY hot in her car seat! (* nice chin and cheeks, there, Keifer!*)

Papa & Nana with their two "girls" - Keif & Sassy after a busy day

Keifer in Marge's family's heirloom bassinet - Uncle Corey slept in here the first 4 months of his life!

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