Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy ONE MONTH to Keifer!

Here's Keifer's one month photo shoot! She wasn't too keen on it,but we shook our Red-nosed Whoozit at her and she seemed to like that -- until she lost interest and realized her FINGERS might taste better than anything at all (see last picture of her photo shoot).

One month ago today I labored and had my baby angel. Its hard to believe that this month went by in such a blur - it's amazing to me and yet scary - scary that the time goes TOO fast and soon she'll be growing so fast and we won't have our child who stays in one place! LOL. I also do not even want to THINK about having to go back to work in August - the thought of it breaks my heart.
Keifer is starting to become SO alert and will track things with her eyes. She clearly listens when you talk, and I made the mistake of having MTV videos on while she was in her swing the other day - she completely turned her head to watch and listen! She does love her music - if she seems fussy and nothing works, I still put on a variety of music and dance with her. She loves her musical options on the chairs and swing, and loves to be held and rocked and cuddled. She is doing so -so at night - its very inconsistent about any type of sleeping schedule, but we'll get there. We have some time, right? She varies on how much she'll eat - anywhere from 2 to 5 ounces in a sitting. She clearly has gained weight - as you can see in the post comparing her to Christian!
I'm excited that this will be my first official "Mother's Day" to celebrate as a mommy to a "human" child (as opposed to my fur kids). I'm looking forward to celebrating it for years to come, but in the back of my mind, I still remember and pray for all the mommies in the world who desperately want to be a mommy and haven't been able to achieve that. I can remember all too clearly the past few years of heartache and sadness about this particular holiday. It hurts, very deep and its very hard to act like nothing is wrong if you happen to be around family or friends. So try to remember if you have family or friends, if they have no children and you're not sure if they're trying or not to have children, to try and be empathetic to that fact. Who knows, that woman may be dying inside about the question, "so, when are you guys gonna have one?".

Here's my sweet angel girl in all her glory!

Hangin' out in my infant chair while mommy bakes a cake in my honor! (*notice my trustworthy bodyguard, Tboy, in the background*). I like to sit in these chairs that move and shake!

Is that ALMOST a smile? Its almost time for "real" social smiling, right?


The Town Criers said...

She is so so sweet. It does go fast. Enjoy it!

Piccinigirl said...

Oh I just love, love the pics. I can't believe how big she's getting already. Time does fly and I KNOW you are enjoying every minute.

Emilie said...

One month already - wow! She is precious.


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