Friday, May 25, 2007

Keifer and her new pal, Holland - "Chums for life?"

Before I had Keifer, I posted about my friend Julie's now-3 year old daughter, Holland, who was obsessed with baby Keifer inside my belly. She was obsessed with her because she now is beginning to understand the reality of a baby can be inside a "mommy" and then comes out and is the baby. Well, last week when I was home visiting, Holland and Keifer had their first (of hopefully many) face-to-face meetings! Holland was over the moon excited to meet Keifer and was a very animated, dramatic friend. She was oohing and ahhing over Keifer, called her her little "chum" (*LOL*), and captivated my parents with her astounding vocabulary and lack of shyness. She and my mom were best buds by the end of the visit - having raided Keifer's bookshelf and having asked ten million questions about everything in the parameter of herself. I even got a great video clip of Holland reading " Peek -a - Boo Baby" to Keifer.

Last night, poor Holland was visited by the NUK fairy -the fairy that comes to bigger girls and takes their NUKS away (leaving a gift in place), and brings those NUKS to the new babies of the world. Apparently it was a rough go of it for poor Holland, but she was comforted somewhat by the idea that "baby Keifer" would be getting her favorite Mickey Mouse NUK. *sigh*. What a doll. Enjoy the pics.

Meeting her newest friend
My parents w/their new buddyGetting to know Treble - who was 'on guard" for baby duty
Even Sager was read to!
Checking on Keifer's eating status
Kisses goodbye


erin said...

How sweet.

I just found your blog. My husband and I are just starting down the road of donor eggs. Meaning, we said, "I think we can do this".

It is great to see a happy ending.


Kristine said...

very cute! carrie, you look GREAT!!!

Emilie said...

I had to come see Holland over here, after reading your comment about her dad (who played the cop in the space aliens film) on my blog! (By the way, I responded with all my thoughts on last night's show ...) ;-)


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