Friday, May 25, 2007

I wonder if I'm growing.....ahh, yes, I am!

Keifer is making us swoon more and more each day. She is beginning to smile upon seeing us for the first time, and loves to sit forever and just watch us talk to her and make those ridiculous baby faces and stupid noises! Hey, if it makes her smile, so be it, I'll be the dorky mom (I already had the dorky status, being a teacher of 3 year olds! LOL). Our hearts are bursting with love for this girl, who is already outgrowing her 0-3 month clothes! YIKES!

We're going to spend the weekend going through more of her piles of clothes and sadly, packing up the things that don't fit. Unbelievably, something (like, say a sleeper) that fit her only 4-5 days ago, might be too SMALL today! Crazy! But she is starting to eat more - sometimes up to 6 ounces, and it is apparent. CJ and I like to jokingly refer to her as our "Chunky K". Of course, its meant with the utmost affection!

She continues to NOT prefer to take a bath -even when we use the mesh sling to prevent her from slipping or getting too wet. She makes her little scared noises, which breaks my heart. We've been able to start reading more books to her, and she seems to enjoy listening to our voices. I found a couple more
Roger Priddy books (*blush, I'm addicted*) which I LOVE, and I'm hoping she feels the same way once she realizes that I'm reading to her. The pictures are awesome, and the text is simple and rhyming.

CJ and I might have our first date night this weekend -possibly. Its been 6 weeks of no alone time for mommy and daddy together, and mommy is ready for a date night! I think we'll go see
Johnny and Orlando swashbuckling through their third movie! Auntie Jill is actually BEGGING us to go out alone, so she can have Keifer all to herself for a few hours (well, she'll actually have Abby to contend with, as Abby and Jill have a competition as to who gets to hold Keifer the most!) It is really great that they are fighting to be with her! So much love! *big smiles*

Its hard to believe our girl was 6 weeks old already this week. I can't imagine having to go back to work next week and my heart aches for people who do have to go back to work right away, or after their 6 week leave. I'm already dreading August when I go back to work! For now, I focus on all the amazing things our girl is doing everyday...............


daisychain said...

Your baby is absolutly beautiful. I just found your blog recently. Congrats!!

Jonathon said...

Awww, we have that same Cute As Can Bee outfit only Bailey's is a striped gown- but I love it. She hasn't outgrown anything yet and I am dreading the day she does. I know I'll be sad... but at the same time I am looking forward to her being able to wear her more fun clothes. She will be six weeks on Monday and is just now starting to fit into the cute 0-3 stuff.


Laura said...

What adorable new pics! Packing away clothes IS sad. I can't believe Isaac is in 18 month clothes already! I miss his cute little 0-3 jammies. ;)

Kristine said...

adorable and big!!!


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