Friday, April 20, 2007

She was SO worth the wait

Our angel girl, that is. She was so worth the 3 years of waiting, the endless months of tears and depression and dashed hopes. The needles, the drugs, all the prayers. None of it is even in our thoughts when we hold our girl and listen to her sigh in her sleep. She is our sweet, pretty girl, who we are so in love with.

She is getting used to living out in the real world - her sleep and eating are so "off" any type of schedule, its crazy, but understandable -she's only 10 days old!
We went to Babies R Us and USA Baby today and mama got a new Hotsling; Miss Princess likes to be held and so far, so good with the pouch - -she likes to be tight in in against mama's body. Just like in the womb! *and getting OUT to the store was so nice for mama!*

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

My first outfit ever (besides a sleeper or gown - LOL) Like my pupper shoes?
ENOUGH with the pictures, OK?


Kristine said...

awwwww.....Carrie - she is so adorable! I bet now that she is here it's hard to keep all of the old emotions bottled up any longer. I love looking at all of your pictures! Your sling looks neat!

Jamie said...

She is so adorable!! You have definitely been blessed!

Thanks for the link to the hotsling. That definitely looks like a must for new mommies who want some computer time. :)

Jennifer Prince said...

I love her!

Isn't it amazing how far away the "wait" seems now? It's like the baby just wisks you away to a happier place. They heal all the hurts from the past :)

The Town Criers said...

Could she be any more delicious? I love the sling--how long can she use it?

Piccinigirl said...

OMG, she is so cute, well she's gorgeous really.



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