Thursday, April 19, 2007

Growing and growing

Time is flying and our little angel is still causing us to stare at her in awe. The days, as I've stated before, go by in a blur. A blur of time and some visitors, and the past few days, we've been slowly but surely venturing out of the house *so mama isn't stir crazy and as weepy as she was ~ whew*.

Tuesday we took our first walk in the neighborhood and all the neighbor kids swarmed the stroller: "it's Treble and Sage's baby!". LOL. Yesterday, the dogs were also stir crazy, so we tried the dog park. It was heaven - I've stated before in past posts that the dog park is my bliss- the dogs are happy and running wild, the sun was shining, and I'm walking side by side with my best friend - CJ - chatting about life. Yesterday, we had our angel girl with us in the stroller - CJ pushing- and I was in heaven. We used to walk the park and speak of having our angel girl in the future - now we were able to walk WITH her and talk to her! *sigh with love*.

Today, we hit SuperTarget and I shuffled along (damn Sciatic! Grrrrr) and when Keif had had enough of shopping - Daddy took over and fed her and changed her - what a man! We are so lucky to have each other!

Here's the latest pics, as if we aren't taking any *tongue in cheek*

Uncle visits for the first time Mama venturing out for her first post- C-section walk! Yay for the sunshine!Mama and all her kids on the couch!
Sass is happy to have mama next to her -cuddle bugCousin Abbers loves her - "She's so beautiful!"
Sassy is always making sure Keif is OK - and that she still tastes good!
Smiling in her sleep - we love these moments! And check out Keifer's 1/3 sissy- Maddie! Crazy, or no? (this is my egg donor Mooshie's daughter as a newborn!)


Kristine said...

Congrats! I can't say it enough! You guys all look so happy!!! Isn't it amazing how everything just feels right when you bring the baby home? It's good to see the pups are liking Keifer so much!

Piccinigirl said...

wow, what wonderful pics and Carrie I am so happy for you. Beyond happy. You all look like the family you dreamed of. It gives me chills to think that you are living that dream now.



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