Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We're in the home stretch: C'mon, Keifer, where are you?

Here is the nursery - almost done, except for needing a floor lamp base in the corner of this side of the room (behind the chest from my MIL). It is DONE, and ready for Keifer to come HOME, outside of my bell-ay! Yes, that is a doll on the changing pad. *blush* I was practicing using my new Miracle Blanket (swaddling).
Treble found that he REALLY liked the new Boppy! LOL.
The fur kids and mom, hanging out while mommy chats on the phone, pretending to rock-a-bye with a baby in the new chair.
My 5 year old neice, Abby, is over -the-moon excited about her new baby cousin. She has always wondered just how big Keifer is, and is storing away gifts and clothes for her when Keifer gets bigger. LOL. Abby also always sings to Keifer whenever we see her: she sings the Raffi Song: "Mr. Sun", in hopes (upon my suggestion) that Keifer will recognize her voice and song when she is "out here" in the real world with us. The past few weeks, Abby has been lucky enough to feel Keifer kicking, and has seen her going crazy rocking and rolling inside my tummy. The delight on her face is enough to melt your heart! I so can't wait to see the two girls in my life meet for the first time! *sigh*. Here's Abber the other night, cuddling Keifer as she usually does when I see her lately.
Yes, I really DO look this exhausted every night! YOU try hauling around a 40 pound bowling ball inside YOUR lower belly (LOL). I like to refer to my belly as my "Joey Pouch".


Laura said...

The nursery looks GREAT! It won't be long now... ;)

P.S. Miracle blankets truly are miracles. Hope Keifer loves her's!

Piccinigirl said...

You look great, the nursery is perfect and Keifer is coming. I for one, can't wait.

enjoy the last of this, you're going to be a mommy soon sweetie!~!!!

The Town Criers said...

The nursery looks fantastic! You guys did a great job.


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