Friday, March 23, 2007

OB check up and how big can I get?

I had my 38 week OB appointment yesterday afternoon. I'm still remaining about 1 cm. dilated, and not a huge change in my effacement - still at around 50-75%. He did say my cervix is starting to soften, which is a good thing - my body is beginning to prepare for Keifer's departure, but who knows as to when she'll decide to come out! I also have to say, as before, internals HURT! OWIE!

I measured my waist line again today at work. I'm at about 46 inches or so. LOL. Man I hope that changes in a few weeks when Keifer is here.

We were finishing assessing a child today at work, and his parents brought in his 1 month old baby brother. The sounds and cooing and mewing the baby was making the whole time had my heart melting and my excitement building - I could barely keep my eyes off the baby! I can't wait until it's Keif making those sounds!

Here are my 38 week belly pictures - just for giggles, I posted my "newly PG" 4 week belly pictures, to see just HOW BIG can a belly grow? The fact that my skin is stretching this much just is AMAZING to me (and a bit worrisome! LOL)

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