Thursday, March 29, 2007

A sweet, sappy tribute to my fur angels!

I was cleaning off my computer at work, and came across the One True Media montage I made of our fur kids from last June. I made it to surprise CJ on Father's Day -- it was alot of work, but I enjoyed it so much and if you're willing to sit through 10 minutes of my fur kids, it is a sweet tribute to them. They are truly "amazing" angels to me - I love them with my whole heart, these little rescued orphan dogs. They are our heart and soul at home. I miss them when I'm not with them. The love I feel for them - well, honestly, I KNOW it will be doubled with Keifer when she arrives - which is a bit scary! LOL.

To watch, click here, and enjoy! (*warning, if you are sappy, you may spare a few tears in the first part - the song gets me EVERY damn time!*)
Treble & Sage say "Enjoy"


Kristine said...

Oh man! Did I shed a couple or what?!?! That was so sweet! I think I may have to steal that idea and do something like that with our cat and Graycen for David for father's day. I know he would well up like a little baby!

Jamie said...

Very, very sweet!! I love it!


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