Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday night ramblings from a mommy-to-be

Can somebody tell me what happened to MY FEET and ANKLES? I know you get swollen with PG, but man, I have cankles every day now! Last night, before bed, I took my socks off and was laughing hysterically, asking "where are my feet? These aren't MY feet!". LOL. They look like some specialized slipper that is pure swollen feet with the toes popping out. *sigh*

I am soooooooooo hungry lately. Hungry hungry hippo. All. The. Time. Yes, I'm coming up on 35 weeks, and yes, Keifer is gaining most of her weight these last few weeks. But I am ravenous. All. The. Time. I've had the tortilla soup *YUM* from Teresa's right down the road at least 3 times this week *blushing, because I JUST had it for dinner tonight, and lunch yesterday*. Yum. Yum. Yum. Keifer likes spicy food.

CJ and I spent 2 more hours today in the nursery sorting the clothes, taking off tags and starting more wash. We are overwhelmed with newborn sizes, but now that we've sorted and gone through it all, we barely have anything BUT newborn sizes in onsies and sleepers - the items that she'll most need. I am hoping she isn't a BAB (aka Big Ass Baby,) and isn't able to fit in newborn sizes for very long *crossing fingers for an 'average' size Keifer*. LOL. We're going to have to check and see if Aubrie's hand me down bins have more of those. I was debating on washing the clothes hanging in the closet -- but seeing as literally nobody really gave us receipts for any of the clothes, I'm not sure where we would exchange them for larger sizes. So, we'll wash and hope she fits in newborn clothes, and if not, we'll save for HOPEFULLY a future child, or to give away or sell.

CJ went to Home Depot and got us another shelf/hanger thing for half of the closet under the hanging bar already. The closet isn't the biggest, so we just want to make sure we have room for longer items to hang. I also sorted through the stuffed animals and we're going to put some of them out in the room, but the majority of them in a bin for the beginning of Keifer's time here, as they are dust collectors and I have no idea what to do with them - the room is already bursting at the seams with the items we have in there! Maybe somebody in our family will win the Powerball and we'll be able to get a larger house with a walk in closet for all of us and large bedrooms to accommodate all of us! LOL.

We found a pee pee spot in the nursery. Apparently Sage was telling us what SHE THINKS of these changes going on in our nursery/former guest room. Uh, oh. Just wait til baby comes home.

I was turning into a caged cougar again, pacing and snapping and bitching at CJ after our nursery time today. I've been cooped up inside since Friday night, (well, I did go to lunch yesterday with my friend Missy), but we've gotten hit with major snow and ice, and I just felt like going and DOING something today. So, I went and saw a matinee of "Music and Lyrics" with Drew and Hugh Grant. I LOVE me my Hugh Grant (ever since he shook his ass to the Pointer Sisters in "Love, Actually"). It was a predictable, cute romantic comedy. The Oscars are on tonight; these are usually like my Superbowl. I am the biggest fan of movies and have been my whole life. I've never missed an Oscars show. However, this year, I have no desire to watch and I could care less who wins. WOW. I'm not sure if that's because of all the buzz going on around here regarding Keifer's upcoming arrival or the fact that none of the movies out this past half year have really appealed to me. Hmm. Have to figure that one out. I am rooting for the Departed though, CJ and I really did enjoy that. And I loved Marky Mark Wahlberg's performance in that!


Piccinigirl said...

wow, it is so hard to believe that Keifer will be here before long. My goodness wasn't it just yesterday you announced that BFP? I think everyything sounds wonderful and don't worry the cankles will be gone soon enough, enjoy these next few weeks.
we saw Music and Lyrics yesterday too..we loved it, love , love loved it. I was disappointed that Eddie Murphy didn't win the oscar and the whole ceremony was WAY too long, but all in all I was happy with the outcomes. I love me my movie and movie stars. Sundance for us in 2010 ok?


Emilie said...

Funny, your reaction to the Oscars! I was afraid I wouldn't get anything out of them this year, since we don't get to the movie theaters as much, but thanks to Netflix, we did see more than I expected. So I enjoyed them! (But they threw Daniel's sleep schedule off -- grrr.) :)


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