Monday, February 26, 2007

Kids...and the things they say and do

I'm an early childhood special education teacher, so I teach young children - most with a wide variety of needs.
Lately, because my belly is popping out so hugely (growing each and every day by the mile, in my opinion!), they are starting to figure out that the baby I've talked about is indeed inside my belly.

Today, one of the kids, who is just the sweetest guy on earth, came up to me during free play and just gave me a huge hug out of nowhere, then walked away. Then, as I was sitting playing with them in the pretend kitchen, he came up to me (squatting on my rolling stool) and just gently rub-rub-rubbed my belly. LOL. His mom had a baby girl last summer, and he refers to his baby sister as "my baby" all the time, so I'm sure he has it figured out that my baby girl will be like his mommy having a baby girl. He was so sweet - just gently rubbing my belly, not saying anything. *sigh*.

A few weeks back, we were discussing colors and who was wearing what colors in their clothing. Nobody had any purple on, but I happened to have a stripe of purple that wove across my belly. When I pointed to the purple stripe, and asked "What's this?", one little guy said almost disgustedly, like "c'mon, Carrie, we all know what that is", "that's your BABY". LOL. I had to point out that yes, it was my baby belly, but I was also wearing purple in the stripe.

I love these little guys, and will miss having to cut my school year short with them. However, the fact that I have 5 weeks or less left is so exciting! Two of my friends on my message board (and the two that I've visited in the past - one in Utah (I visited for Sundance),and the other in California (but just moved to Texas) BOTH had their second baby girl this past weekend. I was GIDDY - jumping around like a kid in a candy store with their exciting news. It makes me SO excited to meet my baby girl. Ugg, my heart!!! It is so excited to meet Keifer!

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