Saturday, February 24, 2007

More gifts, and Keifer's family!

A recap of just SOME of the wonderful gifts that Keifer received! Clothes, jackets, homemade afghans, blankets, odds and ends galore, her high chair, her swing, one of her strollers (*the Zooper Waltz*), a Bundle Me, a tub side kneeler, um, CLOTHES, car organizer, a Bebe Pod, bath towels and wash clothes, a robe and slippers, and on and on. I could go on -- and since our SUV wasn't done being repaired since my accident, we had to take my car up north, which didn't fit very much of the gifts in the trunk. My parents will be making a special delivery soon! LOL. Here's some of anxious family awaiting Keifer's arrival, some of the gifts, and her special cousin, Aubrie, as well as her fur siblings, Treble and Sage.
Daddy and Mommy are excited
The very excited Grandmas (Nanas)...
...and very excited Papas (or Bumpas, as my dad has taken to calling himself, after our egg donor's daughter referred to him as "Bumpa" last summer, since she calls HER Grandpa "Bumpa")

Odds and ends
CJ's favorite onsie EVER: a girlie VIKINGS one

Did somebody say "clothes?" WOWZA.
Winter coats that Nana found on sale -she said she could't afford NOT to buy them! The one on left is 12 months for next year, and the other one is 24 months for following year.More odds and ends being carefully inspected upon arrival by Tboy and Sass.
Bath gear
The gorgeous homemade afghans up close, along with 2 huge wicker baskets for storage *yay*
This used to be Aubrie (my cousin's almost 2 year old and CJ and I's Goddaughter's) Boppy - my aunt just got it a new cover - and CJ thinks he's so cute putting the PBK doggie "Max" in there! LOL. Max matches the child size doggie chair for Keifer! He is SO SOFT!
Aubrie thinking Keifer's new hearts bear is HER bear at my parents house! LOL. Isn't she gorgeous? *sigh* We miss being able to see her....we only see her once every few months *sniff*. And, thanks to Miss Aubrie, Keifer Lynn is going to be one very well dressed little girl - oh yes - we have MOST of Aubrie's hand -me-downs, all in perfect condition!

And of course, the end to a hectic day at my parents: Tboy and Sass doing what they do best: sleeping and snuggling!

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