Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tsk Tsk, Target boutique

*(I call Target "Target boutique" in that cheesy french accent - LOL)*

After stuffing myself even further at a fun, catch - up lunch with my friend Julie (and probably making my now sausage fingers and swollen feet even more swollen), I decided I HAD to run across the street and check out Babies R Us yet again. I added a few small items to our registry and just enjoyed bumming around each area - getting to know the store a bit better - as I'm usually with CJ and usually feeling "pressure" to get done, as he is not a bum around kind of shopper there. I then cruised across Lyndale Avenue to USA Baby, checked out the diaper bag collection there (ugg, the Fleurville "Mothership" diaper bags were so gigantic and just NOT my style at all (*so huge and the vinyl was so, well, SHINY!*) , while the more reasonable Skip Hop "Dash" was more up my alley), and then test drove the new Zooper Boogie across the floor (we don't have ours in our possession yet).

Then, I decided to test out some more rocker recliners at HOM furniture, as I'm still on the look out for "the" perfect one for our nursery - and I'm not really all that into the standard nursery rocker/glider with ottoman look. But the final stop, of course, was Target. Store that I love. Store that I drop $$ on at least once a week.

I decided to print out our registry at Target, just to see what folks might have to pick from, when and IF they decide to do that for our baby shower(s). Um, folks, Target has NIL for a selection when it comes to babies. Over half the items I carefully pored over online were either not available in the store - only Online - or not available in that particular store *cry*. Babies R Us definitely has the "edge" over Target in the baby department, in my opinion. The good thing is, Babies R Us registries can be accessed online - BUT! - the majority of my friends and family don't really get "into" buying things online like that. So it should be interesting to see how Target fares with our baby items in the near future - as my first shower is in less than 2 weeks! My friends Allison and Missy are throwing one down here in the cities on January 14! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we learned that with Target too... when online, you have to make sure the picture has "Also in stores" or "find in store near you" or something like that under it. Otherwise, it's online only. We started our Target registry online and ran into that problem so we just went into the store to finish it. It's a pain. But I will warn you about Target, what we learned with our wedding registry- if you need to return something and didn't get a gift receipt, bring it in and scan it to "add" it to your gift registry. They will allow you to return anything off your registry for the current price and won't give you their crazy hassle like normal.

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me- twolinesonastick- sorry about the mega long comment but Target really gripes me sometimes.

Kerry said...

I have the Skip Hop bag for Quinn and loved every minute of it. It isn't too big which is good as I seemed to accumulate way too much crap otherwise. I need to upgrade to a bigger bag now, but I hope you love your bag.


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