Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2nd "Gotcha" Day to our Sassy Sage

It was 2 years ago today, that CJ and I took our our 2nd Princess of the house, Sassy Sage! We had originally adopted another boy rescue, whom we named "Cozmo", but sadly, Cozmo and Treble did not work well together in our house. So, on New Years Day, 2005, we drove back to the Pet Adoption to return Cozmo (mommy bawling the whole time), and that's when the creator of Homeward Bound Rescue placed their latest rescue, a 3 month old stray they had found, named "Birthday Cake". She placed Birthday Cake in CJ's arms and within 2 seconds, he said "We'll take her". (*We actually had a woman following us around for about a half hour while we were getting to know Sage, begging us for her if we decided not to take her home*).
We took her home and I remember it was an ice storm that day. We slowly made the trek from Maple Grove back to Lakeville, Sager asleep next to my leg, all 5 pounds of her.
Treble greeted her in the garage, and within hours, he was accepting of this new sassy woman who would be a dominant force in his life - she would make him happy, miserable, mad, etc., but he always accepted her. She in turn, would always look to her older brother Tboy for guidance, and still follows him around like he is her idol.
Here is a dropshot clip of the first hour within our house! *CLICK HERE*
Here are pictures of that first day! (and first week)


Piccinigirl said...

ahh, happy Gotcha day Sager!!!!!

Laura said...

Gotta' love the Sager!


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