Friday, January 05, 2007

the ride on the crazy dream train continues.......

Last night, I had more wild and wacky dreams. Oye. This was a doozy, though. I was back in Duluth, at my parents home, talking about a new summer job. I was about to go on an interview for it, when I realized I had to spit out my teeth! And not just a loose tooth - many teeth and parts of teeth came out in my hand. I was in turmoil about these missing teeth, as to why they were coming out, and how horrible my mouth looked. Ugg. It was so freaky. This isn't the first time teeth have been in my dream, so I wonder what that signifies?
The dream continued, with me partaking in some party fun with the high school friends I haven't seen in ages. For some reason, I realized I was rollerblading down a hallway (while PG, mind you - must be the wrist splints I wear for my carpal tunnel - I tell CJ I'm going rollerblading when I wear them) -- and suddenly I had to make a quick stop, so I crashed into a hill. It wasn't just a little crash - it was a HUGE crash. One that made me worry about how Keifer was doing inside me. Then I saw some friends over to the right of the hill, and as I tried to call out to them for help, I then realized I couldn't move my head and speak, right before I threw up. It was so weird. In the dream, my mom suddenly showed up and reported to me that the reason I couldn't move, and was throwing up was because the crash had caused pre-term labor to start. Nice! I was all worried because in my dream I couldn't feel Keifer - but then suddenly I could feel her flipping around (I wonder if she was flipping around while I was sleeping?),so then I felt reassured.
Yes, I definitely have a vivid mind at night. Sometimes I'm eager to see what I'll dream about, while others I'm a bit worried about how I might feel when I wake up.

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Anonymous said...

I had a really weird tooth dream earlier in my pregnancy... don't remember exactly when but I know I blogged about it. After that I researched a little bit, and apparently dreams about losing teeth are very common during pregnancy. It's supposed to symbolize fear of losing control over changes or something like that. makes sense, I guess :)


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