Thursday, January 25, 2007

30 weeks! The final countdown has begun!

Yesterday marked the countdown: 70 days to go (well, 69 today). I am officially 30 weeks PG. Unfriggingbelievable. I have 10 weeks left. *insert silent scream* Holy CATS, where did the time go? Oye, the things we have to do......

I had my 30 week check up today and I'm measuring (with the tape measure, pubic bone to top of uterus) 29 1/2 weeks exactly. The doctor said the good thing about having the Gestational Diabetes (as I do apparently) is that they won't let me "go over" in case Keifer decides she is really snug inside me. My blood pressure was 120 / 80 , which is apparently a bit higher than average for ME. I wonder if the Gestational Diabetes has to do with that? And maybe THAT is why my ankles are a bit more swollen lately and my right ankle is VERY sore for some reason. And the other nice thing: I've only gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which is right on for what I "should" be gaining.

When the Doctor went to listen to Keifer, there was no kung -fu kicking the doppler today, LOL; however, she did squirm around as soon as the doppler hit my belly to listen to her heartbeat (I could feel her squirming) and the doctor said, "wow, you've got a wild one in there". Oh boy! Ha! I guess she is tired of that doppler -even though we shipped the one we rented back a few weeks ago.

I've been hacking my lungs out for a week and a half now - and every night is an adventure in sleeping, as I keep waking myself up to *cough cough cough* after the Robitussin I've swigged has wore off. I actually feel like the right side of my ribcage has muscles that are pulled! Ouch. So, the doc prescribed me some cough medicine with Codeine to take at night to help with that. He said having higher blood sugar levels and a cold as nasty as I do is sort of like the chicken or the egg: the sugars can cause the virus to hang around more, and the higher sugars can lead to a virus. So it's a no -win situation. Luckily, my head has been fairly "clear" , other than the usual forgetfulness that has been happening with me more and more frequently. LOL.

Tomorrow, CJ and I go to the Diabetes clinic up in a different area of town for a 2 1/2 hour appointment. So we'll see what my protocol for this end up being.

(*and in daycare news, I have 2 potential leads for in-home daycares. CJ and I will be meeting with both of them, and figuring out how we feel. We visited a center yesterday and walked out feeling sad for the infants that attend there. **sniff** We're also touring another center on Monday after work. So keep praying for us that we find something we both really like and feel good about sending our precious angel to in the Fall when mommy has to go back to work*).
Here are some 30 week (exactly!) belly shots:

Here is how I go to bed every night: yes, I'm a pillow whore these days! LOL. I need one (or two) under my head, one behind my back so I don't roll over onto my back (dangerous for baby!), one between my knees, and two at my feet, so I can elevate my "cankles" and hope for no swelling in the mornings - LOL. Good thing CJ and I got that King size bed, huh?

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Laura said...

Whoah... look at that adorable baby belly!

LOL at the pillows. I was the same way. ;)


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