Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2 things: Happy Belated Bday wishes - and a prayer request

I hope my egg angel, Mooshie, doesn't mind this - but I wanted to send out a belated Happy 2nd Birthday wish to our favorite 2 year old on the West Coast: her daughter, Maddie!!! Last week was Maddie's 2nd birthday - and judging by the pictures Mooshie just posted, she is rapidly changing from a toddler into a beautiful little girlie. *sigh*. Uncle ("Un-ca") CJ and I just love this little peanut so! We haven't even sent her her 2nd birthday present yet (bad auntie and uncle) but we send her many thoughts of love and happiness for the year to come. She is getting a new baby sister or brother in July and a "1/3" sister (Keifer Lynn) this spring! LOL.

Maddie- you are gorgeous and we miss you. We love you so and wish you the best for the year to come. Your auntie and uncle send you and your mommy and daddy love and hugs. Have a fun time for the next few weeks in Florida!
Here is her birthday party picture:
Look! It snowed outside! WOW!

Maddie last summer saying bye bye to Uncle

Keeping Auntie company on her 2 day bed rest after the embryo transfer

In other news, I'd like to request a prayer request be sent out if possible for my friend, Kirsten. Her blog is listed on my links. Kir and I have spent years going through infertility together - we met on an online message board. She lives on the East coast and still hasn't been lucky enough to get PG yet. She is in the last few days of waiting to see if her final IUI (insemination) has worked, so you can imagine the stress and nerves she is feeling right now. I'm sending her all my love and prayers and if you could sneak a quick prayer for her, that would be great. If this doesn't work, her hubby and her will be checking into IVF, which is a huge step and a scary one at that. Good luck, sweetie!

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Piccinigirl said...

I had no idea you did this, but thank you. I know that the prayers helped because this BFN hasn't crippled me, I am still ok. Thank you so much for thinking of us, for praying for me and for showing me that IVF might be frightening but it's worth are proof of that.
You are truly an amazing person, a one in a million , a wonderful human being and I am so glad you are in my corner.

with lots of love


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