Monday, January 22, 2007

Hospital tour scheduled - CHECK! Daycare preparation - CHECK!

Since I'm coming up on the 30 week mark this week (*gulp, honestly, where has the time GONE?*), I made a checklist this weekend of things to have done by baby Keifer's arrival. It includes such things as getting the nursery painted, decorated, etc., and getting a new camera picked out, sending in my hospital pre-registration, scheduling a hospital tour, and other odds and ends that are lingering out there in space.
Well, the hospital tour in now scheduled. (CHECK!). CJ and I decided not to do a birth/labor class, simply because the times offered weren't the best for us - sit in a class 3 hours at night for a few weeks, after working all day (and leave the fur kids at home? no thank you). We have no weekends to spare,and have heard that the weekend classes aren't the best to cram it all in. I've borrowed 4 different labor and birthing books from friends online, and have 2 DVD's of birth to watch to 'prepare' for this miraculous end to our pregnancy journey. But we do need to tour the hospital.
We are scheduled for Saturday, February 10th, at 11:00 AM. Whew. Now I have butterflies in my stomach! This is becoming all too real. Ugg. My tummy! My nerves! LOL.

And - I've been researching, visiting, and calling a variety of daycares around our work and home. I've already toured one fabulous center (but CJ said he'd drive to Duluth and back for that kind of money a day), and we have 2 more center tours set up. I've also gotten a few referrals from teachers that I work with, and a friend online's cousin for some in-home daycares to check out. Its amazing - I've already called about 5 different in-home daycares around here and they have no infant spots for next Fall. It's JANUARY - can you believe I'm looking for daycare now - for August?? *cry* I really don't want to be doing this- but I carry our health insurance (better benefits, being a teacher), and I don't want to leave Keifer with just anybody. So CJ and I will tour all the places we can and decide with our gut feelings - which place do we feel the best about sending her? Ugggggg. This search is probably (to me) one of the most important searches ever!

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Anonymous said...

As far as the childbirth class- I have posted a little bit about ours on my blog- but I have not found it terribly beneficial. I am an avid reader and do lots of online research about baby stuff, so most of what she tells us in class is old news to me. I'm sure you will do fine without it. The things that I feel have helped the most from our class are the relaxation/breathing techniques, ways to use an exercise ball during labor, and just more info about when to go to the hospital etc. We also did our hospital tour then, but I'd already been on the maternity floor multiple times so it wasn't terribly thrilling. If you are interested, you might want to read up on some different relaxation ideas and try some ahead of time to figure out what helps calm you down.


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