Sunday, December 03, 2006

*Cha-Ching* the sound of shopping

Ahh, more shopping. I think I'm done now,though. Maternity shopping. Because I've borrowed many of my clothes, I want to make sure I don't wear out the pants/jeans I've borrowed, and want to actually own a few pair that fit me. My friend Allison, 16 weeks PG and not even showing (smaller than me at 8 weeks, I swear!), needed some new jeans, too. So we printed off some "Friends and Family' coupons to Old Navy and Gapper, and away we went today.
First off, the maternity jackets at Old Navy made me look awful. The rounded collar would make anybody look like a linebacker, PG or not. Their version of a peacoat was also a static cling nightmare, and not too warm (not enough for MN winter). I did find a V-neck sweater in brown, but wouldn't you know it, they didn't have ANY long sleeve Plain Tshirts in stock. Of course.

At Old Navy, we got to see our friend Missy, who just had baby Macy only 3 short weeks ago. She looked fantastic and baby Macy was gorgeous -s o tiny and ASLEEP the whole time! Her husband popped in briefly with 2 year old big sister, Mady, but they were off to keep Mady entertained. It was an exciting Old Navy trip - as Missy got to use the coupon we had and scored some major deals on her girls' Christmas picture outfits!
Allison and I then ventured off to Gap, and we both found jeans we liked - after trying on about a bazillion styles. *sigh*. We also both found an adorable sweater on clearance *(YEAH)*, and turns out they are the same sweater! Just make sure we ask what the other is wearing before we go out! LOL. The jeans were on sale, as was the sweater and along with the coupon I had for 30% off, I ended up paying LESS for both items than the pair of jeans cost originally! *eyes popping out* Now THAT is what I call a deal at the highly priced Gap.

We ate a quick snack, popped in Motherhood Maternity and found nothing we liked *sigh*, and then hit Nordstroms Rack. I'm also on another research mission to find a diaper bag I like *CJ's anniversary gift to me was $$ towards a "girlie" diaper bag - hee hee*. It seems as though the ones I like SEEM to be large, but heck if I know what I'll need! LOL
Allison and I said our goodbyes, scooted home, and I found some long sleeve PLAIN Tshirts online at I also scored the adorable shirt (see picture) for the holiday season for only $10! Yes, I'm high on the purchases I made. After I got home and put things away, and reorganized my maternity wear, I now realize I seem to be set for my wardrobe, which is a huge relief!

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