Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maternity outerwear and baby slings

My latest "research" obsessions (as we have our stroller, LOL Emilie!), are baby slings and maternity winter jackets.

First off, a coworker gifted me with "The Happiest Baby on the Block", which I have been devouring in my spare time *aka bathroom quiet time*. I love it. It makes complete sense to me, the philosophy that babies are born 3 months before they are ready, and they need to be swaddles, shhh'ed, swung/jostled, etc., to simulate their 9 months in the womb. Eventually, I know we most likely want to get an
Ergo Carrier for Keifer Lynn *(because I've seen and heard many rave reviews about it, plus saw Mooshie and my friend in CA use it and their children love it)*. Now, my hunt is for the perfect baby sling -- so I can sling Keifer around me while I go about my daily business. Of course, I won't know the sling is a perfect sling until she is here to tell me, but its fun to get opinions and research nonetheless.
The ones I've been looking at include:

the hotsling
the ring slings
the new native
the maya wrap pouch
the peanut shell

So if any moms out there have any opinions, suggestions, whatever, please let me know!
As for maternity jackets, I've been debating on the need for a maternity winter jacket, as I tend to be a jacket collector. I love winter jackets - the more the better - the choices are fun! Judging by the fact that I'm only 22 weeks and the jackets fit me just fine now, I'm guessing that by the end of February, still a very chilly time here in MN, that I most likely would benefit from a maternity winter coat. I've narrowed down a few choices, but have no idea what I'll like until I either try them on, or find something else. I think this Saturday I need to make a pit stop after my Reiki session at the MOA (Mall of America) at the Old Navy and Gap shops. I think I need to find the "perfect" maternity winter jacket - not too expensive, cute, and just right in the fit.


Laura said...

I had a New Native and didn't use it much. I found it awkward to use. But, Isaac did sleep in it... he loved being carried and held ALL the time in the beginning (still does!).

AussieElle said...

I have heaps of different slings. Ringslings are great for babies to infants (I still use it occasionally).

Slings are AWESOME!!

Mama Z said...

I LOVE my Ergo for my 2 year old, but for newborns I like wraparound carriers such as the moby wrap. Ring Sings are my second choice. With both of these carriers, you can carry your newborn upright or reclining. Hotslings are my favorite pouch, but with any pouch you are pretty much limited to a reclining position before baby gets head controll.

Emjoy - you will LOVE babywearing. I've found life so much easier with a sling.

Emilie said...

I liked the Hotsling I bought for Daniel, but he did not care for being carried in a constricted (swaddled) position, and he fussed a lot in it. I thought maybe it was too small, too, since it came up quite a few inches higher than my belly button (the point they say it should fall) and it was really hard to fit him into it. I ended up returning it.

However, we are now using a ring sling made by Kangaroo Korner (I think), which someone loaned me, and Daniel actually does quite well in the outward facing position. Because of this, I have new hopes for babywearing in the future. The one I really want now is a fleece pouch by Kangaroo Korner. They sell them at Peapods.

Anne said...

Hey soupie! I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE my wallababy sling. It's She has the ring slings(adjustable) and the pouch(NOT adjustable but SO STINKIN CUTE)

I have 4 of them! lol

Email me if you want a funny picture of Gracie when she was a baby sitting in the sling facing OUT! hahah

Hope all is well. You look absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! I can't wait to see this cutie of yours!!!




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