Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kicking Daddy

People kept telling me maybe I'd feel Keifer kicking inside me - or fluttering around, as early as maybe 15 weeks or so. Well, I didn't really feel anything until almost 19 or 20 weeks, and now at 23 weeks (tomorrow) I can say with conviction that I feel her quite a bit, rolling around and pushing out below mommie's belly button.
Friday night, CJ and I were watching our DVRed show, House from the last few weeks, and "BLIP" - there was this little flip /kick thing. I asked CJ is that was him pushing and he said no - it was Keif kicking her daddy! CJ was over the moon. *sigh* It brought tears to my eyes. then he spent the rest of the night begging her to do it again and pushing on my damn tummy. LOL.
Sunday night, I had a hard time going to sleep for the first time as well, because she was flipping around inside me so much! I love it, though!


Jonathon said...

Oh, how great! We are so anxiously awaiting the day when Daddy can feel our baby too :) Lately he has been talking to her more and feeling for her, so I know he will be so happy when he can feel the movement. Congrats to you guys :)

twolinesonastick said...

Shooooot, I was signed into my gmail account when I posted (which is actually registered under my husband's name) and I was trying to figure out why "Jonathon" showed up for my post. LOL


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