Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OMG! Keifer's egg angel is PG!

I am excited beyond words. Over the moon, giddy, jump-for-joy, giggley, HAPPY! I just got a call from my egg-angel, soul sister, almost twin Mooshie an hour ago: she is newly PG! OMG! I am in tears of joy! And even CJ let out a little squeal of excitement downstairs! Keifer is going to have another 1/3 sibling! First beautiful Maddie, now baby #2! OMG!
We may possibly get to visit Mooshie and company in Portland in the end of July - as CJ's family reunion is the last weekend in July at Lake Tahoe and we've been debating renting a car and driving up to Portland to visit. Now -- Mooshie's baby is due almost 1 year to the day of her egg retrieval - that was July 12 - her due date is July 11 --(another miracle) -- and now Keifer and new baby may be able to get together early in their lives. The thought of a picture of our babies, somewhat related, lying side by side brings me to tears again


Courtney said...

Congrats Mooshie:)

AussieElle said...

WOOHOO Moosh!!

Piccinigirl said...

congrats MOOSHIE!!!! that is fantastic news!


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