Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Zooper!

The Zooper Waltz -2006 - in red -- its ours! I took my parents and aunt on a baby shop excursion on Sunday, and showed them the Zooper, which CJ and I are liking as our #1 pick. The woman at Baby on Grand informed us that the Zooper is raising its prices on all 2007 models by $100 - just because! Nothing new has been added! *gasp* So I was on a hunt for the 2006 model - online - in RED! I couldn't find it, but Amazon.com came through. It's ordered by my dad, and is going to be one of Keifer's baby shower gifts from my parents! YAY! How fun!


Piccinigirl said...

it's a beautiful stroller , so glad you got the one you wanted and for the "right" price. YEA!!!

Emilie said...

That is AWESOME! (And we got our Zippy in red, too!)

I will be very interested in how you like the Waltz. It's another one we considered, and I think I read that you were thinking about the Zippy at one time, too. Now that we've started using the Zippy, I'm noticing little things about it that could really get on my nerves after a while ... the small and hard-to-access basket, for one. And I'm kicking the tires a bit when I walk, which bugs me. (Steve doesn't, which is odd - usually I think it's the taller people who kick the wheels...?) Part of me wonders whether we should have gotten the Waltz instead ... though I do love the Zippy's one-handed fold, and the ride is pretty smooth! Oh well ... I guess I shouldn't get too obsessed over it. :)


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