Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You make my heart sing

CJ and I have noticed now that when we are listening to Keifer's heartbeat with the fetal doppler, and CJ talks -- the heartbeat gets faster and louder! All the book reading CJ is doing is paying off - it seems as though Keif knows his/her daddie's voice already!
Last night, we had family time (aka me, CJ, the furkids,and Keifer) in our new King Size bed, listening to the heartbeat again (where it was back in the 150's), and I noticed Sage had a firm clamp of her jaws on Treble's neck (well, she wanted the squeaky baseball he hadn't let go of for 2 days that we found in Corey and Jill's yard). Anyways, I noticed the neck was in Sage's mouth, so I gave her a sharp reprimand, and the heartbeat disappeared! I guess Keifer doesn't seem to like mamma's "stern" voice! LOL

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Piccinigirl said...

what a sweet story!!!! :)


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