Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oprah letters

I just sent the Oprah show's website the idea of doing a story on me and my egg-angel, Mooshie. My private message board, the ones who generously donated $2000 to CJ and I, and the one where I met my egg angel -- we've been half-jokingly saying that our story is right up Oprah's alley (especially the feel good aspect). Now with Mooshie being PG and our babies being born 4 months apart, I'm so high on emotion that I went to the website and pitched my story to them. So who knows. We shall see if we hear back from them --


Emilie said...

Ooooh ... that's an Oprah story if I ever heard one! I hope you get on! Think of all the women you would inspire, too.

Piccinigirl said...

that is such an Oprah story!!!! I hope that you get on and get to tell the world about you and Moosh and all the women suffering with IF.

AussieElle said...

I hope you get your story out there. It is so good to see dreams come true :D


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