Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baby Ballroom

On Saturday, my parents, Aunt, and myself went to watch my mom and aunt's cousin Leland and his wife Leslie perform at their dance studio. They've been taking ballroom dancing lessons for about 3 years or so and are now competing in it on a regular basis. It is so much fun to go and watch: its like watching "Dancing with the Stars" right in front of you. Anyways, their studio had a fundraiser show on Saturday, more of a performance and entertainment show vs. a competition. They had a silent auction going on, with many cool items and events to bid on. The Baby Ballroom class was not getting many bids (it only had 1 to be exact) , when Leslie mentioned to me she really wanted me to take Keifer to dance classes when I had him/her. I decided to make a bid on the baby ballroom class, a 6 week class valued at $75. The opening bid was $20, so I bid $22 and I ended up winning! So when Keifer is born, he/she and mommy already have one class on their schedule: learning to ballroom dance!

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