Tuesday, October 03, 2006

S/He's gonna come out dancing!

LOL. After I posted on my message board that I just purchased CJ and I tix to go see Bo and Jordis at the end of October - my pal BJ commented that "Keifer's gonna come out dancing!". I'm sure he/she will! I'm so pumped up -- Bo Bice was the ONLY American Idol that I ever got "in to". I even got tix to the American Idols tour last summer of 2005, so I could see him perform. So when I saw Jordis's home page with this announcement, I immediately called CJ to see if we could go. Granted, its a school night, and (in the words of my friend Faye: "My dogs will be barking" aka my feet will be screaming! ), I have to go.

Since CJ and I already met and saw Jordis perform in August, we can skip out on her performance if I'm too tired. Plus, 10 days later is when I get to go rock out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers with my pal, Julie. WHOOT WHOOT! Keifer's gonna be a rock - star - in - training!

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