Sunday, August 27, 2006

Keifer's 1st "ROCK STAR" concert!

Friday night, CJ and I went to a local bar, Renegade's, tent party. One of our favorite contestants from last summer's show, Rock Star: INXS, Jordis Unga, was headlining. CJ and I LOVED Jordis -- so much, in fact, that we used to joke that if we had twins some day, they would be Jude and Jordis (Jude being one of my favorite boy's names). Jordis, as it turns out, grew up here in St. Paul, MN, so it was exciting to have our "home town girl" back home, performing.

We showed up about an hour before the show, CJ ready to whoop it up, since he now has a designated driver for events like this. I myself was very excited, because it has been AGES since we've gone out together and done something like a concert; I feel like lately we are sticks in the mud because we only really ever go out to movies or shopping. (*blush, I hate leaving our doggies at home alone for more than a few hours anyways*).
Anyhoo, so CJ and I walk over inside the tent to where they are selling Tshirts. We walk over and who is standing RIGHT THERE in front of us, signing a few autographs and posing for a few phone cameras? Jordis herself. And wow, did she look gorgeous in person, and a little bit taller, as well as a little bit slimmer, than she did on the show last summer.

Ironically, CJ then ran into a high school friend from Grand Forks, North Dakota (where he grew up). Turns out the wife of one of the co-owners of the bar was his friend! Small world! So she took our picture with Jordis -- notice I look very glossy eyed, shiny, and bloated. LOL. I was in a bit of stage fright, not knowing what exactly to say to her, and she was equally as quiet. CJ and I both thanked her and she smiled and was appreciative. We then hung out for awhile, and finally: she took the stage. And she did NOT disappoint. She was fanfreakingawesome! Her voice STILL gave me chills -- especially when she sang our favorite (and apparent crowd favorite) "The Man who sold the world". That song moves me to tears everytime she sings it. You can see her perform it last summer on Rock Star: INXS here (click here).

Here are some pictures of her performing on Friday night -- no, CJ and I aren't seen in any of the pictures, we were off to the side of the stage near the speakers. I made sure we were by the fan, as it was a humid night, and I didn't want to get overheated in the crowd. My ears were ringing all night afterwards. Keifer didn't seem to mind the concert at all: I prepared my body for the event all day -- napping most of it away, snacking continuously, and drinking my standard Coke once we got there. My back was tired after standing in the parking lot for hours, and I was a bit more crampy when we got home, but overall, a very worthwhile experience. I so love live music, and CJ and I need to get out and enjoy it more than we do!

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