Sunday, September 03, 2006

Exercise & Vitamins don't always cut it

This guy makes my blood boil. "Tom apologizes to Brooke". ONE YEAR LATER. Gee, I wonder if 1) Katie "may" be suffering from some post-partum depression, or 2) he knows his career is suffering, so he did this for publicity? I'm willing to think the latter -- as he was recently released from Paramount pictures after a lifetime together, and his popularity has tanked in the past year, since he's become a psycho about everything in his life.

Personally, I don't THINK that Katie had HIS baby. I still am convinced its all a publicity stunt and that she was inseminated by donor sperm. If that is the case, then dammit, be truthful about it. But I don't think Tommy boy knows how to be truthful and vulnerable. Yes, vulnerable. Ever notice EVERY movie of his has him portraying somebody who gets REALLY emotional about something, and in his "softer" moments, he has to get angry and yell alot? He never stars in movies where there ISN'T a climax of some sort. He always has to play the tough guy. Hence, he is scared of admitting something in his life that he has no control over.

The fact that he still refuses to believe in the use of anti-depressant medications angers me. I myself am on anti-depressants. I have a family history of HUGE depression. I'd be crazy to think that I would NOT be affected by it at some point(s) in my life. When CJ and I started dealing with our infertility, I knew I'd be at even more risk for problems dealing with the depression. In May, 2005, during a routine PAP, my OB Addie asked me how our journey in making a baby was going. I burst into tears and she told me about a workshop she had just attended, where the speaker was telling all OB's that if they have patients dealing with infertility, they SHOULD be talking about medication for depression. Studies have shown that mommies who give birth after dealing with infertility are at higher risk for post-partum depression. When Addie suggested I go on something to help with my depression and moods, I said OK. It helped. A lot. When I skipped 2 days doses due to my laziness in getting my prescription filled, I could tell. I had a panic attack. It was horrible. So now I don't dick around with my meds. My chemical make up in my body does not allow for my own body to process life normally without the help of the medication I am on. I've talked at length with my OB, my RE, and a psychologist about this. I am OK with the fact that I am taking this while PG. We've done the research, and my sanity and health and mental well being is first and foremost, so Keifer will have a happy mama.

So screw Tom and his "exercise and vitamins" theory. I wonder if he's getting hit by the depression fairy? Ever look at he and Katie's eyes in the pictures of them together lately? They are NOT happy campers. I judge people's happiness (in the trashy gossip rags) by the happiness in their eyes. I had Jessica and Nick split up AGES before they announced it, simply by looking at the light in their eyes in pictures. The light was gone. It's gone in Tom and Katie's, too.

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