Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nursery musings .... any comments appreciated

In keeping with my Type A planning personality, I've had dreams about my child's nursery for years. I've kept a favorites file on our home computer, loaded with ideas in my "baby" folder. Of course, a nursery is high on my list to decorate -- even though the nursery isn't THAT big of a deal to most people. But when I've dreamed this long of having a baby (um, yeah, since I was 5 I wanted to be a mommy), I just want to make this part of the special journey along with having the baby.

I really LOVE a lot of the girlie designs that are out there for girl nurseries. I am not so much into pinks, but I love a light lavender and yellows. However, when I found the Farmyard Friends nursery set at Pottery Barn Kids, I fell in love with the blue dog part of the animals in the collection. Being the dog crazy person I always have been, having a doggie be part of my nursery plans was something that seemed almost expected for me. LOL. I love the fact that the Farmyard Friends can be made for either gender --and I wouldn't want to go CRAZY with the theme -- just have the basics to get a sense of what the nursery is about. I really fell in love with the mobile, believe it or not, but how important is a mobile? (*I honestly have no idea?*). I love the fact that this mobile I have pictured plays Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach and has the swirly designs in it that are supposedly good for babies eyes development.

My ideas if we go with the Farmyard Friends nursery, (which can only be bought online now, poop, because the store has so many new nursery ideas) to paint the bottom of the walls of the nursery a soft cocoa color, in alternating stripe (thanks to my pal Taryn for that ideas). I would alternate the cocoa color (well, CJ would LOL), in a glossy finish and a matte finish, so it would be the same color, but have a different appearance. Then, I want to do chair rail and then have the top be either a pale yellow or a pale blue, depending on if Keifer is a boy or a girl. Then, above the crib, I want to paint in lowercase cursive "i am a dream come true". I also have already bought the blue dog critter chair - the box is collecting dust in our basement laundry room.

Then, one day last weekend, Mooshie sent me this bedding set from that she found. Now, I've searched high and low and have researched nursery bedding for YEARS (yes I am a freak/dork, I've already discussed this). And I've found/seen other bedding that really annoyed me with the puppy theme. However, for some reason, this set really caught my eye because 1)its adorable and 2) its more simple: there isn't a TON of doggie stuff being thrown in your face (which is what I DO NOT want). I want simple. *sigh* So if Keifer is a boy, would we lean towards this?? I'm not digging the mobile as much, either (*giggle* because I know some will say "who cares" about a mobile). We could paint the walls the same colors that I was thinking - the light browns and blues. What to do, what to do. Its really not something I've been spending hours agonizing over, but it is something fun to think about.


Piccinigirl said...

oh I like the doggies and I love the farmyard animals too. I understand that it has to be "just right" and I love the idea of the cocoa color and alternating the finish, what a great idea.

I feel bad for baby *when it happens for us* because I love the beach and nautical things, so I always said Girl or Boy , they are getting sailboats and beachy stuff.

I hadn't seen the doggie stuff before today, don't show John...he'll fall in love with that.

(I am so glad that you are at the point where you can blog about your nursery, what a wonderful time for you sweetie)


Jennifer Prince said...

I saw that one on the Target web site and I love it! I love the farmyard one too though :)

I'm so excited that you are starting to plan the nursery!!

Laura said...

You know, I really like them both! I planned our baby's nursery a couple of years before even getting pregnant... so, I totally understand about your folder. LOL

LOVE "I am a dream come true..." :)


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