Thursday, September 21, 2006


Here is the crib we will be using for Keifer -- it is being used by my Goddaughter/cousin's daughter, Aubrie, at this point in time, but we will be getting it soon. MIL Marge found us a beautiful chest of drawers/wardrobe at a rummage sale down her street, of all places. It is 40+ years old! So now we have the crib, the chest, and the blue doggie chair. LOL. My only question is: should we get another dresser or chest of some sort? Or should we use this chest only? I know I want some bookshelves, as Keifer already has quite the collection going (we are collecting doggie books, plus I have about 500-600 children's books at work I've been buying for years that are considered "Keifer's"). I know we most likely will be looking for a glider/rocker of some sort.....and my biggest dilemma is what to do with Treble and Sassy's bed? We obviously will be taking it out, but each and every day, Sass lays on her pillow in the window in that bed, and each and every night, Treble usually sneaks out of his doggie bed in our closet to the bed down the hall. He makes his "nest" in this bed. As you can see, this is a favorite spot of theirs for viewing the world.

So what to do with the furniture? Any ideas?? We are thinking of finding a bench/shelving type of window unit that we could put a pad on top of for the fur kids to lay on. We saw one we really liked at Pottery Barn Kids, of course the $$ is outrageous. I suggested maybe CJ build one, but that might be more $$ than its worth, too. We are planning a trip to IKEA to see what they have for storage/bench type units. Any suggestions on yay or nay to another dresser? Do you think we will be able to use the chest as a combo changing unit as well? *sigh* Decisions, decisions. LOL.


Laura said...

Love the rummage sale dresser... so cute!

Hmm... do you think maybe if you got an upholstered chair for the nursery, the pups might like that by the window? I have a rocker/recliner in the living room that I use to rock/nurse the baby (no room in his tiny nursery). If you don't like that idea, I think a little bench or shelf with a seating pad on it would work for the dogs.

Laura said...

Oh, and depending on the height of the dresser... it may for a changing area. If not, try and pick up another used one that is shorter and small enough for the room. :)


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