Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The big 12 weeks is here

Keifer made it to 12 weeks, and for that, we are so thankful. Before our OB appointment yesterday, we had heard bad news from 3 online sources, and it really freaked both of us out. But hearing that Addie felt my PG is healthy and going as it should, it really brought a lot of relief to CJ and I's worries. Of course, I know I will never NOT worry about Keifer from this point on out, but making it one more week and entering the second trimester really takes a lot of the pressure of "what if" off of our shoulders. we can get cracking on my nursery ideas, and start really preparing for Keifer's arrival next Spring.

Baby Center's weekly update tells me: Your baby's hit the 2-inch mark (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce. Her face is beginning to look more human. Her eyes, which started out on the sides of her head, have moved closer together on her face, and her ears are near their final positions on the sides of her head. Your baby's intestines, which have grown so rapidly that they protrude into the umbilical cord, will start to move into her abdominal cavity about now. Her kidneys are secreting urine into her bladder. Her nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly, and synapses (neurological pathways in the brain) are forming. Your baby may have acquired more reflexes by now, including sucking, and she'll even squirm if you prod your abdomen, though you still won't be able to feel her movement for several weeks.

How your life's changing: Your uterus is rising above your pelvic bones, and your practitioner can now feel the top of it (the fundus) low in your abdomen. Though you probably won't need maternity clothes for several more weeks yet, you've no doubt noticed that your waist is thickening and that you're more comfortable in looser, less restrictive clothing.You may also start getting heartburn (also called acid indigestion), a burning sensation that often extends from the bottom of your breastbone to your lower throat. It's caused by both hormonal and physical changes in your body — and can take the pleasure out of eating a meal or sleeping. Eating small meals and avoiding foods that make the problem worse, such as fried, spicy, or fatty foods, can help.

I've noticed that the gagging brushing my teeth continues to be present, as does the nausea, even though I've started taking the medicine Addie prescribed to help with that. CJ is still in charge of cooking or picking up food for us (what a great guy he' s being), and he's also helped me pick up the slack in the laundry, dishes and general appearance of the house. Usually, I'm an anal clean freak, but I just really don't care anymore about if the dishes made it to the dishwasher or not. LOL. It is a NICE feeling, but I really do wish I had it in me more to at least clean off my bathroom sink a little better. Last night, I fell asleep at 5:30 PM, and when CJ tried to rouse me at 7, I wasn't having any of that. I ended up sleeping til a bit past 8, got up to eat some leftovers from the other night, and went back to bed. I was even sleepy this AM, so definitely, I am needing as much sleep as possible. Let's just hope that Keifer wants to continue this sleep pattern once he/she is born!


Wendy & Karen said...

Congratulations on reaching 12 weeks! Yay!!!

Piccinigirl said...

wow, that went by so fast. I am so excited that you reached 12 weeks. It's wonderful news.

Get all the SLEEP you can, it's good for you. :)


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