Sunday, September 17, 2006

A day with Mason

Yesterday, (Saturday), I babysat my nephew Mason for the whole day -- CJ, his brother Corey, and our SIL Jill had a softball benefit tourney to play in. They took Abby with them, to play with kids her age that would be there, so Auntie stayed home w/Mason and the furkids. We had a great day -- although Auntie got really tired and a little nauseated in the PM. Luckily, I was able to nap in the PM when Mason napped, and then he requested to watch 'The Jungle Book 2" two times in a row, and refused to go outside or play, so Auntie was able to lay low while he did.
Mason had some hilarious quotes, though, that I had to write about. *giggle*

I've mentioned before that he is becoming quite the talker. He really is adorable, with his sweet little voice, and I'm not being bias because he's my nephew. *wink*. Mason just LOVES when the puppies, Treble and Sage (aka Sass) come to play, and he is the only kid I know that WANTS Sage to lick his face non-stop - he giggle like crazy and Sass goes nuts. All day, Mason was trying to touch Treble's ears, give him big bear hugs, and try to touch his tail. Well, Treble is finally OK enough to let Mason near him, and lets him do anything to him when we are in sight. When Treble rolled onto his back, to let Mason scratch his belly, Mason immediately gravitates towards Treble's "pee pee" and yesterday, he grabbed it again, and said "Treble potty". LOL. Of course, I reminded him we DO NOT touch Treble there and poor Treble looked at me with those sad brown eyes, as if to say, "sigh".
I took a 2 minute potty break myself, leaving the bathroom door open. Within 2 minutes, I heard Treble give his "warning bark" that he typically gives to Sass when she is bugging him about one thing or another. I figured it wasn't Mason: I had left him playing contently with his Little People Pirate ship, and I didn't hear his voice. Seconds later, Mason walked into the bathroom, and said "Auntie?". "Yes, Mason?". "Pull tail". Ahhhh. "You pulled Treble's tail?". Mason all serious: "yep". I ask, "did he bark at you?". "Yep". "Were you scared?". Mason: "Yeah". But he didn't look scared. Oh my goodness, LOL. So I gently reminded him that we DO NOT pull Treble's tail, even though Auntie has left the room for a few minutes to use the bathroom. Treble was fine, he was just lying in the living room, head on his paws, still looking sad and "get me outta here". *giggle*.

What really melted my heart, was when Mason woke up from his nap, I could hear him lying in his bed, saying "Sass? Sass? Where are you, Sass?". I tiptoed down the hallway, peeked in, and he was just lying in his bead, talking in a normal voice, asking Sass where she was (they were outside at the moment). I said, "Hey Mason, want to come find Sass?". "OK". All happy, he climbs out of bed, and rushes down the hallway, looking for one of his best furfriends. That just melted my heart, of course.

After his nap, as said before, Mason requested "Mowgli", so I popped it in, and relaxed myself on the couch next to his loveseat. It was so cute, because he had a blanket over him, his stuffed "Daisy" dog next to him, and his little hands behind his head, intent on the screen. Sager was lying on his feet, snoozing. At one point, I got up and was feeling sick, so I was rubbing my belly, which sometimes seems to help feel better. Mason looked over at me rubbing my belly, so I said "Mason, Auntie has a baby in her belly. She's going to have a baby". Mason, all serious, takes his hands from behind his head and starts rubbing HIS belly, and says "me too, I have baby, too, Auntie". Oh my. The sweet little darling is apparently also PG. *giggle*.

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