Thursday, September 14, 2006

Someday I'll see Keifer smilin' at me......

*sigh*. I'm so excited to see WHAT Keifer looks like. Yes, I'm only 11 weeks, but I'm very impatient and I am so excited to have this baby, its unreal! We visited my niece and nephew the other day, and Mason, who just turned 2, is just talking up a storm. CJ and I laugh that he is talking just to hear himself talk. Chat chat chat - he says the cutest damn things, such as "yum, this is tasty!", and his little mannerisms just make my heart melt with love. I sooooooo hope this little guy, who looks like SUCH a Campbell, along with my gorgeous Mooshie's (egg donor's) genes, produce a baby Keifer that looks something like a cross between Mason and Maddie! *sigh* I think I could pass as Maddie's mama: I have the same lower half of her face, dimples, cheekbones, etc.. Well, people don't say Moosh and I look like each other for no reason! LOL. Looking at these two gorgeous children makes my heart skip with joy and the anticipation builds.





Piccinigirl said...

wow!!! what an amazing feeling.
Keifer is going to be GORGEOUS no matter what!!!

Laura said...

I agree, Keifer is going to be one CUTE kiddo!

All throughout my pregnancy, I tried to envision what Isaac would look like. It turns out, I was wrong... all my guesses about what features he would from each of us were off, etc. I never guessed how adorable he'd turn out, though. I'm lucky. ;)


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