Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rock A Bye, Keifer

Every night, when CJ tucks me in *yes, he tucks me in every night*, we hold this stuffed blue dog (that was a sweet gift from my pal, Veebs), on my belly and let it play its tune. It plays "Rock A Bye Baby", and every night, we let it play until it stops, and then we both say goodnight to Keifer. CJ kisses the belly and talks to Keifer, too, to make sure that s/he will know daddie's voice, too. Pretty soon, Keifer should be able to hear our voices. Have you ever THOUGHT about the lyrics to "Rock A Bye Baby"? "In the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks, the cradle will FALL............." How traumatic for a baby to FALL out of a tree. LOL. I hope that doesn't ever come true. Apparently Mooshie/Michele (my egg donor) has a similar type toy, a pink stuffed rabbit, that also plays music. She used to hold it on HER belly every night for her Maddie to hear in utero. That's where I got the idea to play everynight for Keifer. Maddie LOVES her stuffed bunny and its one of her favorite bedtime friends. I'm hoping Keifer loves the stuffed doggie. I wonder what Keifer will name the puppy?

And just because, here is a fully clothed shot of my belly, at 11 1/2 weeks. This was before work this week, and I'm wearing a maternity sweater -- because trying to find shirts to wear to cover the bulge that isn't quite baby yet, but isn't flat, either, has been difficult. Usually in the AMs, I'm not showing very much, but for some reason, this sweater made me look more PG.

Last night, after we got home from the long day of watching Mason and CJ playing ball, I noticed CJ kept staring at my belly *aka "the look"*. I asked him why, and he told me I really LOOKED PG last night. Then, as I was getting in the shower, he happened to walk by, and caught a glimpse of me. "Honey!" he exclaimed. "Look at your boobies! WOW". I laughed, but when he told me he wanted to take a picture, that's where I drew the line. *giggle* I told him to wait until I'm more in the 20+ weeks, then I'll pull a Britney for him. Hee hee.
(what I also noticed, was the thing about your veins popping out really is true. I noticed especially on my left side, my blue veins were very prominent, and made their way towards my uterus, towards Keifer, who is starting to share his/her mommie's blood!)


Jennifer Prince said...

You look great!! I can see that baby belly!!

Laura said...

You look great!

I love the puppy dog, too...

Josh talked to my tummy all the time while I was pg and Isaac recognized his voice from the day he was born. Keep it up, Chris!

Michele said...

You look GREAT!

Yup, I think the reason why Maddie has always loved "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and sang it before anything else is because of that bunny. I played it every single night for her in utero, most times multiple times in a row, and she has always gravitated towards it. As you saw, I discovered that when I bring it with us when traveling it really helps with putting her down--we can kind of keep the bedtime routine that way!

Might I add that you are now UNDER 200 DAYS TO GO???! You are 2 days from the 2nd trimester! (Well, some accounts say 13+ weeks, but I'm going with the first published date of 12 weeks because who doesn't like to hear 2nd tri???!) XOXOXO

Piccinigirl said...

wow, you look amazin....:)

I love that little dog, what a cutie


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