Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Recap of First OB appointment

CJ and I had a great first OB appointment today. It was an hour and half -- very thorough - I love my Addie (OB nurse Practioner): she is so sweet. And of course, I got my congratulations hug AND her personal phone number, because I am a "special" patient of hers *awww*.

We went over every question possible -- OKed sex finally, no working out other than elliptical and walking, nothing high impact still for me, no weights above 30 , which means now I'm able to lift kids at work, and when I told her I've been feeling crummy, she gave me a prescription for something for my M/S which CJ picked up - and she suggested Frozen Cokes for my M/S! LOL. Oh, and she also sat and talked for 5 minutes about different foods to try that I haven't to help - until I finally held my hand up and said "I can't talk about food anymore" *giggle*.

She gave me a mini - physical and I had an internal exam and she said "Oh my, you are definitely 12 or more weeks along! You're on your way, girl!"....and had me feel the top of my uterus. *sigh* It was a great thing to hear. Relief was very prominent in the room, between CJ and I.

Then she listened for the heartbeat. My uterus is tipped, and she was able to find it, but she had to work hard. She said the placenta is in the front (which she compared to having blue eyes or brown eyes, no big deal), and then she said (which made me crack up), "ohh, this critter is a mover", and she kept getting frustrated because she'd finally get the heartbeat (which sounded like somebody walking down an echoey hallway) and then it would move. LOL.

Great - I have a mover and shaker! LOL. She suggested we look for our own doppler instead of renting -she said 2 of her patients have found them on Ebay for cheap, so CJ has already been researching. I may borrow one from a girl on my message board, if she can find the one she used. We'll see. It seemed a bit more difficult to find the heartbeat at this stage, but she said in a few more weeks, it should be easier. I go back in a few weeks to meet with the OB whom I'll use for my "doc". I've already made my appointment, for October 4th. Then, after that appointment, we'll make the following appointment, which is when we'll be able to find out the gender of my tiny little dancing critter!


Laura said...

Great news! So glad your little critter is doing well. Hope the morning sickness gets better soon. :)

Piccinigirl said...

What great news!!! So happy that little Keifer is moving and shaking.

FEEL better, Frozen Cokes sound good too!!


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