Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Power of 3?

For some reason, I picked up on a really interesting, odd, unimportant fact about this past month surrounding myself and the events leading to my PG. The number 3 seems to be everywhere we turn! It may seem like nothing to most people, but being the dork and unusual, geeky person that I am, I find signs in things like this. So without further adieu, let me point out the freaky instances of 3 in our life lately.

First off, we all know that it took 3 of us to make the embryos that are now nested inside my womb. It took Mooshie's eggs, which there were 9 of (a # that is 3 x 3!), CJ's super swimmers, and my womb. 3 of us and we got a BFP from it.

Next, we placed 3 embryos back into my uterus. Who knows how many stuck, we shall soon find out, but 3 was the lucky number. Nothing left. Just the 3 were all we had.
Meanwhile, on my MSN message board (TTC board), there were 3 of us that were doing donor egg IVF cycles for the first time. 3 of us, and we all 3 got PG. "Good things comes in 3's, right?".

In the past, CJ and I had been through 13 medicated cycles before we finally decided to give donor eggs a try. Yes, there is a 3 in that number *giggle*

CJ and will be married 3 years when we have our baby(ies). We started trying to have them 3 months before our wedding (oh, we thought we were so cute and special).

The weekend before my BFP, the weekend that Moosh is convinced the embies implanted, we spent at the Cove Point Lodge, and there was that miracle display of light coming through the clouds: with 3 baby clouds at the base of the light (if you look closely). Is that our babies telling us they are coming home soon? Talk about getting the chills: I still get teary eyed when I see this picture. I want to blow it up, frame it and hang in the future nursery!

Then, as I was telling the news to my childhood friend in Duluth, she pointed out a verse about how God knitted the babies together in my womb. Guess what number(s) are in the verse?

Psalm 139: 13: For you formed my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother's womb.

You knit me together in my mother's womb, you presumably being God. If you are one who is more faithful, you may consider God to be 3 beings in one : The Father the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Yes, 3.

Pretty cool, huh?


Laura said...

Very cool... OMG, how can you wait? 1, 2... or 3??? ;)

The Town Criers said...

There's a whole thing in the power of numbers in Judaism. It's called Gematria.

I cut-and-paste this from another website: In Hebrew, each letter possesses a numerical value. Gematria is the calculation of the numerical equivalence of letters, words, or phrases, and, on that basis, gaining, insight into interrelation of different concepts and exploring the interrelationship between words and ideas.

But it goes further than that to look at the repetition of certain numbers and draw understanding from them. See, there is a whole section of Kabbalah (Kabbalah--take that Madonna!) supporting this idea.

You're going to need to choose a name that reflects the number three. Even as a second middle name. may need to come up with three names!

Can you tell how much I'm pulling for multiples for you?

Piccinigirl said...

wow, I love the number 3 and it's spooky to see it as much as you have.
C'mon 3!!

Kir :)

Carrie said...

what's freaky is, I already want our kids to have my maiden name as their second middle name - so maybe its appropriate reading this. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Wow, this post gave me the chills. How beautiful!!!

littleangelkisses said...

I firmly believe in the Power of 3. You know my sister, SIL, and I call ourselves that. Whenever one of us needs the other, we have a po3 weekend. It's amazing what the three of us can accomplish...LOL. It was a PO3 weekend that Grant was concieved.

Shana said...

I run a website, Babes in Blogland, that lists ttc, expecting, and new-parent bloggers to help us all find one another. I've added your site to the blogroll. If you need me to correct any information or if you would like for me to remove the link, please let me know.

Thank you and congratulations.


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