Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dog day morning

Ahh, I got to experience another morning of bliss today at the doggie park. It has been over a month since we've enjoyed a romp at the Dog park, and the fur kids definitely needed it to run and sniff to their hearts content. The weather has been "just right" the past few days, after a grueling humid, super-hot week of "can't-barely-go-outside-today" weather. I snapped on my fanny pack (for cell phone, Kleenex and ID), slathered on the SPF 30 sunsreen all over my lily-white skin, and let the fur kids jump into the car. We were off -- Treble kept trying to sit on the middle console, which cracks me up, because he barely fits and Sage in the backseat gets mad because that is HER spot to lift her tiny body to see. Ahh, puppers.

We got to the park, and immediately Sass started doing her scream/whine that pierces your eardrums so you cringe. Tboy just jumped around, huffing and puffing because he could barely wait to jump out. It was perfect; hardly any cars and not too wet so we don't have to worry about muddy paws. YAY!

And -- we were off. First, the 2 of them had to do their ritual of arrival: sniff until you poop at least one time, pee on every grassy surface (or tree in Tboy's case), and mama uses the port-a-potty because her bladder always seems to need release. Then we did the outside loop and wow, it felt great to be walking at a brisk pace, not too hot, water in my hand, warm sun beating down on my sunscreen slathered body parts. I literally laughed OUT LOUD at least 3 -4 times at the kids. They act like such goofs when we get there. Tboy has to pee on every particle of grass or tree he comes across, which being a large park, is about 10 zillion places. Sass pretends to be like her big brother, and squats every few feet for a while, making sure she is keeping up on the "markings" of territory. Then Sassy played cat and mouse with Treble at least 6 -7 times today: she'll be about 50 feet ahead of Treble on the path, and turn around. Then she'll crouch her head down low, like a hunter hunting her prey, start a really slow crawl, then BAM: she takes off full speed at Treble. He then zips it up and takes off, HURDLING over Sassy's oncoming body, and the two of them go full speed ahead another 50 feet ahead of me on the trail, Sassy nipping at Treble the whole time. Then they stop, Tboy continues to do his sideways strut, big sweaty smile on his face, and Sassy always turns around to confirm that I am still behind them. Sometimes she runs back to me to check in, then turns around and zips up ahead again.

This is my bliss. Welcome to a piece of it.

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