Sunday, August 06, 2006

Growing Pains & more gifts

I got to spend the lunch hour with Allison and her little man, Jackson. He was so happy today, as usual, and I loved being able to push him around in his stroller and "practice" for Coco or Bongo. Allison met me at Babies R Us, and did a narrative of her opinions on things as we browsed. Talk about overwhelming! Obviously it is too early for CJ and I to even THINK about baby stuff, but I have the itch. After 3 years of dreams, I can't wait to get my hands on a registry gun and go to town. Problem is, its all so much! Too many things these days to choose from! Then we had lunch at Einstein Bros. Bagels; we love us some Tasty Turkey sandwiches!
Allison was such a sweetie -- she got us our first "baby book" gifts! Mommy Hugs, Daddy Kisses, and Playful Puppies: Picnic in the Park (I'm collecting doggie books, *blush*, and this one is awesome, with the mini-stuffed puppies on it), and a soft "lambie" that Jackson blessed with a drooly kiss.

I forgot to send a public shout out to Veebs, for sending Chris and I a package of adult reading books this week! She sent us Baby Bargains: the 2006 Edition, which I've already scoured in depth, The Pregnancy Journal , which CJ and I read to each other every night (and to my Mother in Law last night -- boy was she excited), and The Expectant Father, for CJ's learning. It surprised me, but Friday night he came to dinner with sections bookmarked that he had already read!(*Of course, since the only room he does his reading is his bathroom, the book mark was a section of toilet paper, hee hee. *) He is already worried about my protein intake, and we are going to get me some protein powder to make some smoothies and to sprinkle in my cereal.

We were reading tonight that if we have two babies inside of us growing, the two babies could fit on the surface of an American dime. Wow. To me, the whole process of a baby growing is just completely a miracle. A dime! The nasal pits are now prominent on Coco and/or Bongo, and the final set of kidneys has ALREADY been formed! Can you believe it!? In about a week, little bean (the size of a half of a dime) will already be producing urine in the kidneys. *shakes head in amazement*.

I've been feeling pretty good -- just really hungry all the time and no food really sounds "perfect" to eat. I've continued to prefer veggies over fruits, and I find that I do have to have a snack quite often -- which is hard for a non-snacker like myself. I didn't think I was all that sleepy, but on Friday I skipped my normal summertime-off-of-work nap I take daily, and it really caught up with me by 6 PM that night! So I guess I DO need my naps! I've also continued to have mild twingy cramps off and on, which haven't been too worrisome to me. However, CJ and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean this afternoon, and halfway through the movie, I started getting sharp crampy pains in my left side -- to the right of my hipbone on that side - so going into my uterine area. It subsided after awhile, and we stopped at Target after the movie to pick up a few things. While we were wandering (me in a happy zone) through the baby area, I started getting that sharp pain again and it literally doubled me over. I had to hobble out of the store, leaning on CJ and the cart, and poor CJ was so nervous. He is more nervous about any type of ache or pain than I am. However, after coming home and researching this, along with checking with my online girls, it sounds like this could be round ligament pain associated, and it sounds completely normal. *Whew*. I have no spotting or bleeding, which is a good thing. Man oh man, one more week until we find out for sure how many we are having. I can't wait. Uggg. CJ was already researching mini vans that don't LOOK like mini vans (in case we have more than one child. LOL. How would we travel with the 2 dogs that are "on the seat" dogs and 2 carseats?). We are just so NOT mini van people, so the thought of a mini van is not too appealing to us at this point in time.

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Laura said...

Josh would NOT get a minivan for us either... not unless we have baby #2. We have a Chevy HHR and the mutts fit okay in the back... plenty of room for two carseats in the seat.


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