Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dream, dream dream dream dream, dream

*think Buddy Holly*

Man. I've always been one with a creative mind, who is always dreaming some funky, hard-to-put-into-words type dreams. But man. Once I got PG, the dreams have gotten even MORE funky and hard-to-describe, and I've found myself being woken up by CJ more than once in the past few weeks for crying out in my sleep.
Last week, I don't remember the dream, but I was woken up by CJ for basically screaming in my sleep. Poor guy. Then last night, I was having a dream about somebody either chasing me or trying to get either my baby or one of my fur kids from me, so I was crying out "help, help!", and apparently crying out loud!
Its crazy what the hormones are doing to me.

I've noticed I'm a bit more irritable lately. That could be attributed to the fact that I've been on the edge of nasuea for almost a week now. Every morning is an adventure in " how long until I can walk straight up with out feeling like throwing up?". I eat small things, spacing them out, such as soda crackers, fig newtons, and banana. I've found some organic ginger ale "brew" that has 17 grams of ginger in it, and sipping on that seems to help (of course I don't' like the 37 grams of sugar, uggg).

The twinges and cramps have diminished somewhat, so although I have a few here and there, nothing very sharp lately. And finally, I've got some boob action. LOL. I haven't felt anything in my breast area (and funnily enough, most people ask me about those first off!). But yesterday, when I laid down for my daily, much appreciated nap, my boobs just ached. Bad. Like this deep throbbing pain. I've also noticed that wearing a bra is not comfortable at all, which makes me realize that perhaps the girls have grown in cup size a bit.

I made my first prenatal appointment with my regular OB - but it's not until almost the end of September, when I'm just about 12 weeks PG. It is the first date I could get into her, and they even know my story (the IVF story). I can't wait to see Addie (my OB). She will be so excited that we are finally PG. She has been a great support through these past few years. How many OBs tell you they are praying for you, hug you, give you advice on "if you decide to adopt", etc..? I love her.


Michele said...

How cool! A regular OBGYN appointment! You're going to be a REGULAR pregnant lady--doesn't that just make you smile? Finally something "normal" in the realm of TTC, you know?

Good luck with the nausea...the ginger brew helped me, and Trader Joes has ginger candy (they're ginger chews) if you want to try those, too.

Hugs, Mommy! (Gosh, it just feels so good to say that!)

AussieElle said...

These days are hard, but lots of water can help. Try just keeping a bit of 'roadtrail' in your pocket (ask me if I'm talking oostraylyan) to ward away the queasies.

Jennifer Prince said...

I'll have to tell you about my crazy dreams. They'll make you feel better!!



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