Thursday, August 10, 2006

Worries counteracted by gifts of love

Its very hard to believe that I'm already considered "6 weeks" PG. Its also very scary. One would think that after TTC for so long that achieving a BFP would settle you down. This is not the case. If anything, I think CJ and I are more worried now of something happening to me. Of course, many women go through miscarriage and hard times, but CJ told me the other night that he is more worried about ME and how I would react to something like that, than himself. He thinks he may have an ulcer - he had a CAT scan done yesterday. He's been worrying about the baby(ies), and finding a new job, and me most of all. Poor guy. It must suck to be a man and not be able to comfortably vent your feelings (well, a lot of men can't). I told him maybe he should be taking an anti-anxiety medication, along with me. We'll be pill poppers together. *(sigh)*. So I have my friends and family continuing to pray that Soupbaby sticks, because we are nervous nellies and I'm not sure what looney bin I'd have to be checked into if I lost this baby. Ugg, even writing about it freaks me out. *praying for no jinxing*. However, I know that I will be a mommy someday, so if something WERE to happen, I'd just have to plow through it and we'd figure something out. At least I'd have the love and support of my CJ and my support network.

On a happier note, my friends Veebs (w/Scarlett) and Mooshie (w/Maddie) are flying back here TODAY! I am sooooooo excited! I haven't seen Moosh since the BFP, so this will be a truly joyous reunion. *pause as I remind Sager to SETTLE DOWN and not beat up her bigger brother, little sassy biotch that she is LOL*. However, if you 've seen the news , there was another possible terrorist plot on the airlines revealed, and now heavy restrictions are going into effect TODAY on airline travelers. I just hope and pray my friends get here safely and in a timely manner, safe.

In baby gift news, CJ and I CONTINUE to be bowled over with surprise, gratitude, and thankfulness for all the wonderful gifts are friends continue to bestow on us. It is such a blessing to have so much love and wow, CJ even commented on how amazing it is (and for him to comment, that is HUGE).

I went to dinner (yum,food) the other night with a friend from work. She had a wonderful little care package she had me open before we even ordered! She first of all hand made

this wonderful card, which to an uncreative (artistically) person like myself is just so cool.

Then she had a gift for each trimester: for the first trimester, she gave me a wrapped up package of saltines, with the following note:

This is to help soothe your tummy as your little baby(ies) form a bond with his/her mama and causes her to lose bile. Keeping a pack of these out on your desk is a dead giveaway to any untrained eye that you have a baby on board!

Then, for the second semester, she gave us *blush* a bottle of KY sensual massage oil. Her note said:

Oh, the best trimester of all. You will never feel any better in your life than you do during these next 13 weeks. Your husband will love you forever because you will need him to fulfill urges you didn't even know you had!!

*of course, CJ loved this gift LOL*

And finally, for the third trimester, she gave me a bottle of Mary Kay Fit lotion and a jar of Tums. The note said:

As baby (ies) get bigger and bigger, so doe mama! Keep a stash of these everywhere you go to calm the heartburn. These is also a special treat to keep the dreaded stretch marks to a minimum. Use these "little" gifts with care because the most precious gift of all is about 9 months away!

Awww! Wasn't that just the sweetest. On top of all these packages, she also gave me a copy of her personal favorite PG book, "Your pregnancy Week by Week". Chris and I are just in awe of all the books and gifts!

Then, we got yet ANOTHER package in the mail last night! My friend in Utah (whom I met online on the board, and visited a year and a half ago for the Sundance movie festival)......she sent us a lovely gift care package as well. I got some wonderful, all natural "Bust n' Bellies" butter, a beautiful Baby book for baby, and a crib and washcloth set that is says "Wild One" with paw prints on it! LOL. I love it! So perfect!

So my belly is ready to be lubed up -- trouble is, there is not baby belly, not yet! Today, my baby is measuring the actual size of a dime! He/she is growing rapidly and the olfactory sense is beginning to develop, along with the pituitary gland! Crazy stuff!

I need to go finish cleaning my house for my guests -- I've been slacking and lazy as ever - using baby as an excuse! LOL.


Emilie said...

Trust me, those Tums are going to come in VERY handy down the road, Carrie!

I hope your friends have smooth travels today. I hear the lines at the airport are very slow and that they are making everyone throw out any and all liquids because of the terrorist threat that was just caught in London. Have fun with everyone! :)

Jamie said...

Sending you good thoughts for your ultrasound today. Please post soon as I am anxious to hear your news. :)

Emilie said...

Yes, good luck today! I'll be checking in for news (already have!). :)


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