Tuesday, August 29, 2006

8 weeks, 6 days ultrasound

We had our final check up ultrasound at my fertility clinic yesterday. Its only been two weeks since our first ultrasound, but already, Keifer has made great gains in his/her size! It was absolutely amazing to sit and look at this little alien-type baby inside my utererus! He/she has grown so much in the past two weeks -- one of my pregnancy books says that if a baby who is born grew as fast as he/she does in utero the first few weeks, at one month of age they would be 15 feet tall! That is how fast they grow! Our little grain of rice has turned into an actual baby shape - with the big head, big eyes, and nubbins for legs and arms You can see in this picture the circle/ring behind the head area - that is the yolk sac! Unbelievable!
The measurements for Keifer were exactly on to the day, and the heartbeat at this visit was 166 bpm. The ultrasound gal told us that heartbeat flucuates so much during the first trimester, and not to take the number too seriously, as long as it is a healthy number between 120-180.
We met with Dr. D afterwards and he basically dismissed us to my regular OB, whom I will see on September 19.
Afterwards, I had a wonderful lunch with two of my former co-workers - Linda and Sue, who were paras (classroom assistants) at my first job teaching up in White Bear Lake. It was awesome to sit and chat with them and catch up on everything. We haven't seen each other in 1 1/2 years, but it never seems like we've been out of touch when we are together. I miss working with them!

Then I had another Reiki session. It was very relaxing, and again, when Susan put her hands on my uterine area, I could feel the pulse of a heartbeat (be it mine or the baby, who knows). I don't feel anything like this normally, but since I've been PG, when she touches me in that area (baby area) - its as if my whole body is thumping. It is the coolest and strangest sensation! Afterwards, she told me that she had the sensation that Keifer is a little GIRL! So we shall see!!


Michele said...

Hello Keifer! Auntie Moosh loves you!

Piccinigirl said...

wow, what a beautiful pic!!!
so glad you are growing and growing Keifer.

Kerry said...

S/he is absolutely beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to see on ultrasound? I can't wait until you start feeling movement- it is about the coolest thing in the world.

Do you think the doggies sense any difference in you yet? I think ours do and little Sweet Pea has again taken to lying with her head on top of my expanding belly.


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