Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow - you're only a day away!

Monday AM: I wake Mooshie up and we travel up north 30 min. to my fertility clinic. This is it: its time to see how her follies are coming along and if we'll get an early ER date.
We arrive and the receptionist leads us (yes, together!) to the back room. I've already commented pre-visit that I wonder what the people in the waiting area will think. Will they know she is my donor or will they assume we are a couple. Talk amongst yourselves. LOL Anyhoo, we get in, Mooshie makes her paper blanket into a very attractive skirt, and the U/S gal comes in. I get to record the follie sizes, as I also get to watch her measure them on the screen! I loved it! So many follies to see! I've never in my life had more than maybe one or two, so seeing them almost made me jump for joy. Whew. Calming down, I wrote down the measurements as she told me: Mooshie's left side remained at around 6, and had some decent sized ones. Her right side apparently took all the prayers from Friday and blossomed -- into around 7 follies, plus more smaller ones hard to measure! She even had a few that were at a 24 and a 22! WOW! Her lining also looked perfect, and the U/S gal commented that it was too bad they couldn't take her perfect lining and transfer THAT into other women who are having difficulty getting their lining to thicken.

We then had to go sit in the room next door and wait for our instructions. Nancy, the nurse, arrived, and Mooshie received her drug instructions for the next few days. YES! She was to do her trigger shot at 11 PM, and plan on a Wednesday ER! WHOOT! We are so excited! A day earlier than anticipated!
We left the clinic feeling very optimistic, and drove to my Reiki gal. I told Mooshie to go first, since she hasn't ever experienced Reiki, and I wanted her to relax and enjoy it. She came out looking very sleepy and smiling. I went in with my gal, and she let me know that she only had about 25 minutes, because we had arrived a bit late after the clinic visit. I said that was OK, she could do whatever with me, and she said "In that case, I'm going straight to the bank", and instead of starting at my head (for clarity), she went directly to my uterus area (which she usually finishes with). I felt nice and relaxed, especially after she worked on my chest and neck area, and we left to drive back home.

I called CJ when Mooshie was having her Reiki done, and he sounded SO excited on the phone to hear the news. He was repeating the number of follicles to my parents, who were still at my house, and I could hear little Maddie go "yay!", as he was telling them. LOL. He said that Maddie was doing great with her adoptive Bumpa and Nano, and when he went down to get her out of her crib that AM, she wasn't sure of him, but went directly to "Bumpa". CJ was off for work, he had a meeting, so Maddie was going to be taken care of until we got home by my parents.

We arrived home, and Maddie was clearly excited to see Mama, mama. My parents were also very excited about the news, and as my mom and I stepped out on our deck for a minute, she put her hand around my waist and asked if I was getting excited. She also told me that if this doesn't work, that it won't be the end of the world. My mom knows how emotional I can get, and although I know she means well, I still get a lurch inside of annoyance, because I want everybody to know that IF I get a BFN and we have to figure something else out, I know for myself that it WILL be OK if I get really upset and sad. People have to understand that this is almost like grieving the loss of a child each time you go through this: the potential child you have dreamed of, and as each cycle goes by, you try to remain positive that this WILL work this time. So when and if it doesn't, it will be OK for me to grieve and cry and vent and swear. And if I don't want to get out of bed for a few days, that is also perfectly normal and I'm OK with that.

My parents were getting ready to head back up North to Duluth, especially since my grandpa is in the hospital with pneumonia, and my grandma had her bad fall. So Moosie and I loaded up Maddie again, and we joined my parents for a goodbye lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Maddie had a tough time, and wasn't her happy-go-lucky self, because she is teething, so it was nice when her ibuprofin and teething tablets had obviously "kicked in". She seemed to enjoy her grilled cheese *"cheese, cheese?"* sandwich. My dad certainly enjoyed keeping her entertained. As we wrapped up leaving the restaurant, my Dad paid the bill ahead of time, and hurried back so he could walk out with Maddie to the parking lot. Mooshie, my mom and I found them outside the restaurant sitting in a white rocking chair, rocking away. *sigh*. We said our goodbyes, getting a little misty-eyed again, and my dad walked us to the car to strap Maddie in her seat *how cute, eh?*.

We went home, and spent the rest of the day hanging out and I took a hard core nap, along with Maddie. Moosh was going to, and needed to, but she played on the internet catching up with her family a bit too long, because when she went down to sleep, Maddie woke up. I then got up and we made some Pampered Chef Beer bread to accompany our white bean chicken chili for supper, and CJ came and went and came back home ; he had gotten a haircut. He also came home with the kiddie blow up pool for Miss Maddie to enjoy, since the weather has been so warm.

We ate our dinner, (and I think CJ and I ate half the loaf of beer bread alone, *blush*), and then at 8 PM, CJ and I watched our Treasure Hunters show, and Mooshie joined us in watching. I think she enjoyed it along with us. Then, she put Maddikins to bed, and her and I shared the laptop computer downstairs and instant-messaged with our friend Veebs in CA. LOL. It was fun.

Mooshie did her last trigger shot at 11 PM and now she is letting her eggies get ready to come out tomorrow AM at 11 AM! We are continuing to pray that this works, and then I have my ET on Saturday at 11:45 AM. I've already set up another Reiki session for myself on Friday afternoon, I'm going to need it (along with the 2 valium I get to pop before the ET).


Laura said...

That is so cool that your dad loved spending time with Maddie... and I am praying SO hard for you, Carrie. For your donor, too! :) ((HUGS))

Jennifer Prince said...

So great! I love the updates!! Such an amazing week!!


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