Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dog days of summer

Treble got in his first dog fight today. *crying* He has always been the most passive, sweetest dog ever, and he still is-- but most of the time when we go to the dog park --and I've noticed this ONLY since we've gotten Sage-- he gets "growly" at other male dogs that come near him. When our neighbors across the street got their 2nd dog, a male Golden/Coon Hound mix (a HUGE doggie), our dogs were so excited, but we noticed Treble got really growly with Tucker when he came into OUR yard. Tucker always seemed put out and sad about this.
Well, this AM as I was coming home from walking the furkids on the "loop" walk, we saw Tucker and Riley were out. I let Tboy off his leash to go play, keeping Sager on hers (Miss I-Run--Away). The dogs were playing, but it was then I noticed Tucker had a bone. Uh oh. Bones and Tboy don't mix -- he always assumes they are HIS. Well, Michelle and I were chatting about her painting the bathrooms, when all of a sudden, Tucker and Treble were going at it -- fighting! UGGGG!. Michelle and I were BOTH screaming at our dogs and attempting to separate them -- Tucker literally had his jaws (huge) around Treble's NECK. Uggggg. They kept going at it and even Sage was yipping at them and growling. I finally got Tboy's harness and yanked him away. WHEW. Both dogs were panting hard and in all honesty, I think Tucker just got fed up with Treble's "growling at him" shit and said "shut up, small dog!".
We got in the house, me all shaky, and I noticed a hunk of hair was missing from behind Treble's left shoulder. No blood, but then I realized, as he sat on his perch on the loveseat, he kept licking at something on his front right leg. Yep, a small, yet really deep wound was bleeding, and now my love seat is not only 1)tore up, half eaten, stuffing missing, and sagging, but 2) now has blood stains that we'll need to work out. *sigh*. Tboy seemed to be limping a bit, so I gave him some baby asprin and lots of love and we all three (me and the fur kids) took a nap to the sounds of Maddie playing downstairs.


Laura said...

Poor Treble! :(

Jennifer Prince said...

I hate going through dog injuries!! so sad and scary!!


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