Wednesday, July 19, 2006

They're gone

We just got home from dropping Moosh and Maddie off at the airport. They were here for 12 days and it seems like they just arrived. Wow. We went through so much together in such a short 12 days. We started our goodbyes at home in the AM, taking turns hugging and kissing Maddie. I think "Un-ca" Chris was having just as hard of a time saying goodbye to Miss Maddie, judging by how many times he hugged her, kissed her, and called her cutie-pie. *sigh* I started tearing up when we were unloading the car in the parking garage, but held it together as we helped her check her bags at the kiosk. However, hugging Mooshie and giving Maddie one last kiss was enough to send me into my "cry zone" and I made it to the car before I let the sobs out. It's not just a normal goodbye. We are saying goodbye to the woman who gave us the possibility of new life inside me. Uggg.
CJ took the day off of work and we are going to see "You, Me, and Dupree" in 30 minutes.

I'll write about our last day together, having fun with Maddie and visiting friends, later in the day when I am more composed. *sniff*

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Michele said...

Oh my GOODNESS, am I pale and scary looking in those last pics! See, I must have been just so sad to leave!

We miss you already, sooo much, though Madeline sure is excited to be home! She won't stop running around hugging her daddy, the kitties and her toys, and asked to be put down in her crib last night! :-) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Embies, you be good for your mommy!!!!!


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