Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spending our last day together

We spent the last day of Moosh and Maddie's visit just chilling out at home in the AM, and then hitting the mall in Burnsville in the PM. Maddie had never experienced a Chuck E. Cheese, so after her lunch time nap, we went for some pizza and fun. Watching her little face light up with joy on her first "ride" (Clifford, by the way) was an awesome feeling. Mooshie and I agreed that the small veggie pizza, though horribly overpriced, was not as gross as we had been led to believe it may be. We let Maddie use up the 4 free tokens she had, I bought her a green balloon *because she loves balloons so*, and then we bummed around the mall awhile. I had us stop at Mia & Maxx, where I get my hair done, to meet my stylist, Betsy. I've told Betsy everything about what we have done with Moosh, so I thought I'd give her a face with the name. Then we wandered into the book store, and Auntie HAD to buy Maddie some more books for her collection, even though I gave her a pile when they arrived at our house 12 days ago *blush*. *Hello, my name is Carrie, and I am a kids book addict* *Hi, Carrie*. LOL.

Then we wandered around a bit, Auntie tried on some pants that didn't fit at JCPenney on clearance, we looked at the animals at the Pet Ranch (I bolted quickly, as I get too choked up at pet stores), and then I got myself a peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie *still sitting on our counter one day later, good girl*.

We then came home, and Moosh and Maddie took a nap for our BBQ at our friend Missy's house later in the evening. In the meantime, my right butt cheek had been slowly giving me problems all day - with stiffness, and pain traveling all the way from my leg up into my lower back, so I decided to try sitting on an ice pack. That really didn't see to do anything; and in fact, when we left for Missy's, I could barely walk or drive, so we had to switch drivers (me to Moosh) in the driveway upon our departure to Missy's. By the time we got to Missy's, my butt hurt so bad I couldn't figure out if CJ had hit a nerve ending giving me the shot earlier or if it was the muscle reacting to the "intramuscular" injection, and giving me problems with cramping.

We got to Missy's and I promptly made myself comfy in her rocker recliner, with now a heating pad on my butt *blush*. Some guest. Maddie made herself at home playing on the large deck outside with the other Mady, and I chatted with Missy inside while she finished prepping the meal. At one point, I got all choked up talking about how much I was dreading the goodbye and how much Moosh means to me and Chris. I took 2 generic Tylenol, hoping that was OK for the embies inside me (who are now sticking with hot glue to my fluffy lining, right!), and it seemed to do the trick in allowing me some capability of hobbling to the table to eat. And boy did I eat. I could NOT get enough of the fresh veggies, or the grilled potatoes, carrots and onions. Yum. I was like an bottomless pit. LOL. After dinner, we chilled out on the deck, chatting, enjoying the most gorgeous evening I think we've had in quite some time. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Missy's DH, Mike, took some pics of us three ladies, kids included, and we said our goodbyes, with lots of hugging and future planning. Of course, we said our goodbyes after I chowed down about 4 (hey,they were small pieces) of Missy's peanut butter brownies (um, to die for, even if they were from a box. Oye). I was OK to drive home at this point, and we got home to see Uncle and the fur kids, who had been on a mini-respite from the ladies of the house. Missy told me during our chat session, that she even has her Cuban Grandmother in Florida, and her whole CHURCH, praying for us -- her granddaughter's friend who is trying to get PG. Wow. Talk about feeling the love. We have so many prayers in process, it is mind-boggling almost! I love Missy!
Moosh proceeded to give Maddie her last bath at our house, she did some packing, and I did some uploading of Maddie pics from Chuck E. Cheese. Too cute.

Now I'm just awakening from a 3 hour straight nap, the kind where you are in the deepest sleep ever and can barely wake yourself up from. After Moosh left, CJ took me to see "You, Me, and Dupree", which was somewhat funny, and then immediately upon arriving home, I crashed. Hard. I was having the craziest dreams, of violence *egads, where does that come from* and then some more, um, personal ones *blush*. Its crazy how my mind works when I dream. But before I was off into la-la land, we got the report from our RE clinic, stating to us how many eggs we had retrieved (apparently, there were 9, not 10), how many fertilized (6 as we know) and how many embies we transferred (3). It was hard to read 1) that they "discarded" 6, even though I know by "discarding", it meant they didn't make it, and 2) that we had no frozen ones for leftovers. *sigh*

We are off to Duluth early tomorrow for the weekend, as Chris has his yearly UWS alumni golf outing *or should I say beers and bonding with the boys outing?*. Saturday is his Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and our North Shore mini-vacation *really an overnight* at the Cove Point Lodge is Sunday. My betas will be Tuesday the 25th (no results after) and Thursday, the 27th (results after). I have a stack of PG tests under my sink, but I won't be peeing on any of them until we get home from the North Shore. CJ has made me promise NOT to pee on any of them unless we are together. He is just as invested emotionally in this as me.


spark said...

It sounds like such a great bonding visit!!! I'm sad to see them go too!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend and good luck next week!!

MrGali said...

Such an emotional time... good luck!

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