Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A collection of happy times

These are a collection of the happier times we've had in the past 12 days. I'm sitting here in tears because my Mooshegg/Angel and Maddie are leaving us tomorrow AM. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by with them here. I can't believe how much sadness I am feeling in my heart knowing we have to say our goodbyes in 12 hours. It is amazing the journey we have had together: it seems like we were so impatient for this time to get here, and now it's over and I'm in the dreaded 2 WW, trying desperately to visualize the embryos sticking (with that hot glue gun!) to the white, fluffy uterine lining that I am envisioning.
Here is Moosh and I last weekend at the parade.

Then, the couple walking with her to the parade is my parents, her one set of adopted "Bumpa and Nano". She immediately clicked with all her adopted Bumpas and Nanos, and they were all thrilled and their hearts were all in love with her in seconds. My MIL, Marge, even sent her a stuffed duck 2 days after they went home to Grand Forks.

Here is my MIL, Marge, beaming as she holds her new friend, Maddie.

Maddie with her new "aun-tie" and "Un-ca", who love her so much.
Maddie and her pal, Sassy Sager, gazing out the window.

Chris found these flowers the day of my ET -- putting 3 embies in inspired him to pick this bouquet up as soon as he saw that it was called the "trio bouquet".

Uncle and his favorie cutie-pie, Maddie

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