Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lining check update

I had my lining measurement check (ultrasound) this AM. The clinic measures my uterine lining and they want to see a measurement of at least 8 at this point. So far, I'm at a 7.8, which is darn near close enough and by next week, ET time, I'll be past an 8! So things are on the up and up in that department. The ultrasound gal, Becky, is so sweet. I really enjoy her. She said that my "thickness" or whatever is already at a "C", which is good -- I think the thinner it is, it's more of an A, or B, or C; C being more desirable. She said I was "layering up nicely" - *snicker*. Who in the world would've ever thought I'd be happy to hear I'm "layering up nicely". Aww, such is IVF life. Becky told me that a few women are going through donor cycles like myself right now and they are having trouble "layering up" and getting thick enough, which is more stress on top of stress. I believe the prayers, better eating, and meds are working for me, so CJ and I can have our bab(ies)! *that is my positive thinking on THAT*

I had a heckuva time getting to sleep last night. Probably partially because I was ALL JACKED UP due to Rock Star: Supernova's premiere *snicker* I love me my Tommy Lee (yes I'm a dirty rock star girl underneath these clothes, LOL). But the rockers last night kicked ASS and I was so pumped up. *whew*. I was in bed at 11, but back up by 11:30 playing endless rounds of the ever-so-addicting Solitaire to hopefully tire my eyes out (why the hell is that game so addicting?? "just one more,just one more" -- I find myself almost dreaming about stacking red on black, black on red sometimes, freaky). I was back in bed at 12:30, but not asleep til after 1 AM and back up at 6 for my early AM ultrasound. 2 days and Moosh is HERE. AYE AYE AYE!


Laura said...

Great news on the lining!

I love spider solitaire... and yep, I've had dreams about it, too. LOL

Emilie said...

Yay for your lining!! Your description of it ... "layering up nicely" ... made me think of Eskimos. :) This is beyond exciting — I am in such suspense hoping this all comes together, and so far, it's looking good!


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