Friday, July 07, 2006

Follicle Check #1: Friday, July 7

Moosh had her first ultrasound bright and early Portland, Oregon time! So far: her blood work on Wednesday shows that her estrogen levels (which correspond to her follicles) was right on target, which is great. Today, her U/S showed that she has about 6 larger follicles on her left, about 5-6 smaller ones on her right side, and even more smaller *unmeasurable* ones on her right. She was unable to "read" her ultrasound guy, so she got a little upset. It's hard to be doing all these meds and have so much pressure on you to "respond" the meds and GROW SOME FOLLICLES. Oye. But this is great news, this shows that she is responding as she should be, and now it's up to my clinic to adjust her meds dosages accordingly after hearing this news.

Tomorrow AM and she's here and will continue her monitoring at our clinic! YAY!

I'm doing some serious deep cleaning, so off I go to rock out to the radio and clean clean clean. Poor Tboy and Sass are so confused! LOL

and just because, Mooshie's tummy -after all the shots, she's looking pretty good ie: not alot of bruising, like some people get! WHOOT!

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